Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch6(10) Last part

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Chapter 6 Part 10 : Meeting of the souls.

Reyyan was surprised , Azat had always been cold toward her .

But now ,

He was looking at her differently .

” Then , talk . What are you waiting for ”  Reyyan said taking  a step back from him .

Azat looked at her beautiful eyes , he was so frustrated , he just wanted to scream and tell her ” I HAVE LOST YOU ” 

But , he couldn’t do that .

He was ok with burying his feelings as long as she was happy .

” I wanted to apologize for my behavior the previous day ” 

Reyyan looked at him open-mouthed , she was shocked , Azat was apologizing to her …

Azat NEVER apologize to anyone .

” Why are you apologizing ? ” 

” I know , you must be angry with me . I was wrong that day at the shop ” 

Azat didn’t really regret hitting Miran , but , Reyyan was leaving for Istanbul soon . He didn’t want her to go angry with him .

” I shouldn’t have hit him like that ”

He tried smiling .

” I lost my temper . Couldn’t control myself that day . But you are now leaving …” 

Azat was breaking his heart with every word and fake smile .

” You are taking my heart with you  , burying my soul with every unsaid word . You would never know how much I love you  , you are going and leaving me a shell here ” 

He wanted to tell her all that , but ….

He couldn’t . 

” Don’t go while you are angry with me . I’m sorry , I was wrong . I don’t know when I’m going to see you next , Please forgive me , Reyyan ” 

” No ! Don’t say that . You are my brother , we grew up together . Even if I want to , My heart can’t be angry with you ” 

Reyyan voice was shacking , she didn’t know why Azat words made her heart ache .

Tears started pouring from her dark eyes .

Azat moved fast toward his room , if he stayed any longer , he wouldn’t be able to control his love , he couldn’t tolerate her tears.

With every sob , Azat’s heart was shattering , he didn’t mean to make her cry .

When he reached his room , he closed his door forcefully and put his head against it .

Azat was crying ….

The angry , cold , rude and proud man had finally submitted to his hearty and accepted his lose . 

He had lost her , Reyyan , his love ……

” Don’t cry …. Never cry , my beautiful dream , be always happy  , may sadness and heartbreak never Knock on your doors ” 

We have reached the end of Chapter Six …

Tomorrow , We will have the first part of Chapter seven , a very integral part in the story of Reyyan and Miran . Stay tuned. 

As always , thanks for reading .

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be kind and stay strong .

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