How To Build a Solid Productivity System

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IMG_20191122_205903_373As This Week  I’ve started the second semester of third year , I’ve already  so much to do , studying the renal system isn’t easy at all , even though I’m enjoying learning the concepts so much ….

I’m working on creating a productive system that will allow me to use every minute in my day , wisely , while taking care of my self and my mental health and finishing my daily tasks and obligations .

In Today’s post , I will be talking about the things that I’ve already started applying and will be continuing to use to stop procrastination and start working :

  1. Plan the night before : Write a sensible (To-do list), putting down all your priorities first (Which are the most important and urgent things you need to do next day) , then the other easier tasks you still have to do.
  2. Start by doing the tasks that you are most dreading (You want to do the least)
  3. Set alarms (Reminders / Deadlines) : For me When I start studying or working on something I love, I totally forget myself, so, setting alarms for every task  I have to do, save my life and prevent me from getting burnt out.
  4. External control and motivation : Don’t let yourself be the one deciding what you have to do daily, let your goals be, because simply the more freedom you give yourself, the more discipline you will need.
  5. Accountability : Try to tell one of your friends, your followers, family … about your goals, to held yourself more accountable.
  6. Eliminate all the distractions : For God’s Sake put your phone in another room and see the wonders.

Guys ! Take action and when you turn off your computer at the end of the day, the feeling that you got shit done will be incomparable.

Thank you for reading ,

Until next time ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

Lana ❤




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