Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch2

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Chapter Two : Shores Of Dangerous Love 

Hard pain and Anger , a guy who is swinging between the hands of his past , stuck as a knife in his heart …… he knows , and he accepts it , he is still living with the obsession of the past but that won’t prevent him ….. Since he was a child there is  that cry of revenge in his words , and the rotten smell of old wounds in his heart ….  

On the couch with his laptop fighting sleep ,  there were a lot of things on his mind at the same time  while checking his Email …. Since they have left the Mansion , there were a lot of conflicts inside Miran , Since he came to Mardin , he has had one Goal , To have  Hazar Sanoglu daughter , and for that he has planned every step , then why all of this turmoil ? ……

In fact he should have been enjoying himself , the whole issue was easier than he had expected , he has converted this revenge plan to an amusing game , that’s why he chose his enemy’s innocent daughter , he is going to marry Reyyan …… that’s why he has entered that man’s life as spies do and so easily he became the first man Hazar trusts ……. This Young man memorized all the faces he watched at the Mansion today …..

When their smiling faces come in front of his eyes  , a dangerous smirk touches his lips …. When they know who the real Miran is , the fall of their smiling masks will be so interesting to watch ….

For example , when Hazar Sanoglu knows to whom he had given his daughter , will he smile like that?……

When all of this bloody game facts get exposed , the real fight will start ……. When he resigned for sleeping , He closed his eyes slowly ……. And his mind conjured a beautiful view …. Reyyan …. Reyyan

Even if she just knew him for a few days , he was watching her for a whole year ….. With every step she takes ….. Every breath ….. She hadn’t noticed …..

However , he couldn’t forget her look today , antics like a shy deer….. The fact that she doesn’t know anything , so innocent , Miran has been enjoying it so much ……

When he heard the sound of putting the cup on the table , he had to wake up …..

Gonul brought coffee for him , he didn’t even want to sleep …….. His eyes were still on the screen while he was drinking the coffee , she was sitting in front of him and her eyes on him too  “ leave it , you are tired “ …….

“ Not yet “ said Miran while still looking at the screen , his answer was just one word , he didn’t want to talk , but Gonul persisted , she wanted to talk and especially about Reyyan ……. “ I want to ask about something ?” she was so curious , without looking away from Miran eyes , she waited patiently , until he looked at her ,

Miran raised his eyebrow as though he was telling her what do you want ……

Gonul looked at his eyes , connected her hands together and stood up “ what if Reyyan ….” and with a clear voice “ …. Fall in your love ? “ ……

Does he care for stupid things like that ?! , Why is Gonul asking such a silly question ! , “impossible” answers  Miran …..

“ What if that happened ?” … Gonul possibilities were making him so angry , “ I don’t think so Gonul, even If that happened I don’t care,”Does he really not care , he had asked for the girl’s hand from her father and he gave her , what would change if she loved him or not ?…… anyway , Miran is going to get what he wants no matter what happens , Gonul had decided to look into this issue , but he doesn’t want her to interfere with  Reyyan …….

He has already warned her about this issue before , he closed his laptop , got up from his seat, “ I’m going to sleep “ , he didn’t leave any coffee except some sips ……


It was hard for him to sleep in a new bed in this strange city , he had been moving left and right until the morning , his eyes hadn’t closed for a second ……. Then he slept for a little , but his cold body woke him up at the early hours of the morning , the weather was so cold in the early morning and the evening regardless of the summer temperatures , he wore a light jacket and went out to the balcony , while he was breathing Medyat’s cold air , Gonul words came to his mind …..

Could Reyyan really fell in his love ? …….



He went down to the lobby of the hotel they were staying in , Nergis Hanim and Gonul were still asleep ….. When his mobile rang , he put at his ear without looking at the caller “ Talk “ , the answer on the other side made him astonished , “ ok “ , after ending the phone call , curiosity started to grow inside him … Reyyan has went out of the Mansion , he looked at his watch , it’s too early ….. why would Reyyan go out at this time? ,he was wondering ……. He couldn’t prevent himself from going to meet and talk to her ………

Finishing his breakfast , he left the lobby , changed his clothes and left the hotel , he will go after Reyyan ……

He found her quickly , he already knew where she had gone to, her aunt’s( mother’s sister ) house , just a number of streets away , and now she was coming back to the Mansion…… Miran was waiting  for her at the beginning of the Mansion’s street ….. 

Reyyan without Realizing  anything , was walking so fast , her long dress was getting around her legs with every step she took ,  and that made her slow down her pace , her black long hair was moving non-stop and falling down on her eyes , after looking left and right , she continued her walk in Medyat narrow streets …….


Her fear of Azat catching her , made her learn how to walk really fast ……

Azat , 25 years old , always got a rude and unsmiling face ….. That’s why Havin and Reyyan have been always afraid of him , angry all the time , doesn’t talk much , doesn’t laugh as much too , on the other hand , gets angry a lot , Azat isn’t a friendly person …….

Because he was a cold person , he has created obstacles between them and him….. 

When she reached the street , where her home was , she stopped and took a deep  breath ……

When she tried to turn and reach the mansion , she bumped into someone , when she raised her head she was surprised …… Miran ……


His wicked blue eyes were checking out  Reyyan , he looked at her face and smirked ….. This couldn’t be a silly coincidence , to get in her way suddenly like that , in the Mansion’s street , Was Miran stalking her ? …….

When their eyes locked , neither of them said a word ….. Reyyan  started looking to the left then to the right , the street was empty and really narrow , no one would see them except Azat and  Badrihan , they always use this road when they walk to work ,a weak possibility , most of the time they use the car …. 

When she looked at Miran again , her heart started beating as if it’s going to get out of her chest , staying calm while this eyes were looking at you was impossible ……..

When Miran took a step towards her , she took two backward , although she didn’t know why she was afraid , but this feeling wasn’t fear , she didn’t recognize the cause of this excitement , was she embarrassed ? …… But what if it was the fear from being seen by anyone ? … It wasn’t …….

Her little heart was drowning in a big ocean of love , the ocean of these blue eyes …… For a long and unending journey , her heart was getting ready , even if she didn’t  recognize that yet …..


When Reyyan moved backward another two steps , Miran liked that , Was she  afraid of him ? …..

This was more amusing for Miran , all that time , he was watching her from  a distance , this was the first time he watched her this closely …… Now he can see her facial details , her small plump in  her dress colour were shaking , her unique crow-black eyes , the cause for making Miran uncomfortable , these looks that made him disturbed …… all that chaos would go later on ….. He had passed all those  obstacles …… wasn’t all that for this girl ? ……


Reyyan was 19 years old , she was in her young years  , still she tripped in Miran Bumps and fall in the arms of  danger ……


Miran kept Reyyan in that position for a long time , and checked her out again and again from her head to her feet …… Reyyan was becoming more nervous with each look …..

With a small waist , she has a body that calls for sin ….. If she weren’t beautiful , Miran would never have chosen her for revenge….. 

Everything has a price in this life , even , beauty ……

“ What are you looking at ? “   asked Reyyan breaking the silence between them “ and what are you doing here ?” her voice was shaking unconsciously …… 

Miran who was lost in his thoughts , got himself together quickly , raised his hands in the air and with a fake smile as a criminal said while looking around  “ don’t be afraid , Reyyan “ ……. Then he found himself looking at the  dark shy eyes of the girl in front of him “ there is no one in this street except us “ …… 

Hearing her name from his mouth , made Reyyan shocked with weird feelings , Did he have to say it in that beautiful way ?! …….. “ What are you doing her ? “  ……. When she asked that question she was looking afraid ,  trying to look away from Miran , His deep blue eyes were sucking her into a horrible whirl , she was afraid to get lost in there …….  

“ I don’t know “  the words were honest when they got out from the guy’s mouth …… really , why was he here ?! ……. Just last night he told Gonul that He didn’t care , Why was he here ?! to speak with Reyyan ?!…… 

“ Maybe , because I want to meet you , isn’t it possible ? “ Reyyan looked at the road behind Miran  “ I have to go back to the Mansion “  , if she stayed any longer , she would lose consciousness without knowing the cause ……. 

Before she reached the mansion , Miran cut her way off , she shouldn’t have been talking to him , it was all wrong ……. When she tried to take a step toward her home , Miran took her arm and stopped her….. Then he put a fake smile on his face as always “ We don’t know each other yet “ he whispered in her ear  ……… Reyyan who had closed her eyes from fear , opened them and looked bravely at the man who was still holding her arm …….. 


“ In Mardin , If you asked for a girl’s hand and you shouldn’t show in front of her like that , If her family doesn’t know “ ……. When she said all these words , Miran just smiled ….. “ If anyone saw us especially if that person were Azat it won’t be good for you “ ……..
Miran looked at her , with a sarcastic smile  , Was Reyyan threatening him with Azat ? he couldn’t believe that , she was a strong and brave girl …… 

Reyyan looked at Miran ,  who was still smiling sarcastically, shocked …… Was she talking silly words? , She tried to free her arm but  couldn’t “ I don’t want you , you are coming here for nothing” she said angrily ….. She was getting all this courage from her mother’s promise… “ I will talk to my mother and tell her to stop this marriage “ …… Miran loosened his grip on her arm “ but your father won’t allow that, “ he said confidently “ he already has accepted me as a groom and after giving his promise he will turn back , would that even happen , Am I wrong ? “ …..

At that moment Reyyan was standing there afraid like a little kitten , his words made her lose hope, Would they give her if she refused ? How is he so sure of himself ? “ Leave my arm “ ….. This chat was extended for too long …… Reyyan was really irritated from his attitude and this closeness …. 

Miran didn’t care , he was really liking her temper , he pulled her towards him and whispered in her ear again “ I will be waiting for you behind the mansion at midnight “ ….. Reyyan eyes widened in shock “ I will never come “  , she couldn’t understand how would he suggest something like that …… but her heart was interested in what would he say ,In knowing Miran “ leave my arm “   …….

She looked away quickly from Miran eyes , Looking at them was hurting her heart ……..

He was looking hard “ you will come , Reyyan “  he said that in a gentle voice as if he was trying to shoot Reyyan and she wouldn’t be able to survive …….

But as everything for Reyyan , it won’t be possible , they could be caught and that would be bad for both of them ……. 

“ I told you , I don’t want you , don’t want to meet you too, What is this stubbornness all about ? “ …….

He got more closer to Reyyan’s ear and said “ you would miss alot “…… Those words he was whispering would kill Reyyan soon , she couldn’t prevent her heart from beating like bird wings , her body was dying between this rude man hands …… 

Suddenly , when he left her arm , she felt like falling from a high place , raising her eyes she saw him walking away ……… “ I’ll be waiting for you, Reyyan……  “ he said it while smiling “ either if you came or not , exactly at midnight “ said his last words while walking away …….


Reyyan was still standing at the same place , Miran was playing a dangerous game and Reyyan has become his toy …… after some time he looked toward her for a long period , Could she get out of the Mansion at midnight ? ! she didn’t have that much courage ……..

Why was she wondering about that crazy man words ?! ……..

Until Next Chapter ,

Be kind and stay strong .

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