Beach Read by Emily Henry | Book Review

Book : Beach Read

Author : Emily Henry

Genres : Fiction , Romance , contemporary .

Rate : 3.5 /5

” I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person ”

Beach read by Emily Henry

A romantic Novel about acceptance , forgiveness and second chances .

The journey of January after discovering a complicated and shocking secret about her father in his funerual .

Her journey to learn how to deal with her feelings , her struggles to forgive and understand the mistakes of her favorite person , while at the same time experiencing the unexpected risk of falling in love.

The novel was really deep , I loved all the discussions Gus and January had throughout the book .

All in all , it was a good story to understand how complicated romance , love and forgiveness .

Trigger Warnings: lose of a loved one and grieving .

As Always , thanks for reading .

Until next time .

Be kind and stay strong .

Lana ❤

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