Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch3(2)

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

*Please Don’t use the translation without permission .


Heyyyy ! I hope you are good and thriving , here is the second part of chapter three of Hercai – Fickle heart Novel translated in English .

Also , before you read this part , go back and reread the previous parts , so you could remember what has already happened in the story  🙂

Chapter 1 ////// Chapter 2 ////// Chapter 3 (1) 

Happy Reading ❤

Chapter Three Part (2) : Lies 

Reyyan was  eavesdropping behind the door , It has been an hour since Miran and his family came to the mansion . At one side of the room , her mother and sister in law , Gonul and Nergis Hanim , were talking with her mother and her uncle’s wife . And another side , Miran was conversing with her father and uncle about business. Miran’s father wasn’t present , she and Miran have the same destiny with their fathers , they both lost them while they were young , at least has always had her step-father in her life .

Azat and Bedrihan were sitting in the corner of the hall, with grim expressions , they didn’t join the conversation . Reyyan got bored with Elif and Havin talk in the kitchen ,so she came here to watch them . Actually , she only wanted to look at one person , at Miran … 

Reyyan has been always lacking of love  , she didn’t have a father to love her and this is the first time she is experiencing love and marriage . She stopped for a moment and thought about the possibility of Miran loving her , loving her madly , her heartbeat accelerated , Could all of this happen one day ? 

While she was watching him , her eyes met Azad’s , he noticed her and was already glaring , Reyyan moved away quickly and got back to the kitchen , The girls have noticed her leave , Elif smiled cheekily  and said “ Where did you go ? we were talking about Miran’s charisma here “

Reyyan sat beside them , “ we were talking about how hot , handsome and gentlemen , your Miran is “ , all the girls were waiting for Reyyan to say one positive  word about Miran , Today Her engagement will be finalised, all the promises were already given , and still Reyyan hasn’t said a word about him , Positive or negative…… yeah , she accepted to marry him but he hasn’t answered any of the questions that are still circulating in her mind . She was thinking all day and night about him , they hadn’t met in those 10 days , because Miran had to go to istanbul for his work  , but after today , they will be meeting continuously , as wedding and Henna preparations will start …. Reyyan’s only desire was to know Miran more closely during those preparations , she put her hand on the table , took a deep breath and said “ I just want to be happy “ .


When Bedrihan  came to the kitchen to call the girls , they understood that the engagement rituals will start now . All the girls went to the halland Reyyan was the last one to enter , her eyes met the hypnotising blue eyes of Miran , everyone stood up and Havin brought the rings ….

Her uncle Cihan was the eldest , so he made them wear the rings and cut the ribbon saying “ congratulations “

When she looked at the red ribbon still attached to her engagement ring , Reyyan looked as if she was going to faint from excitement , they kissed their elders hands , there were a lot of happy talk and delicious food , even a lot of photos that were taken for the families during the last two hours …

Miran who was leaving with his family , used their distraction to approach Reyyan , She got Nervous when she saw him near her , He opened her hand , put a flashcard and went to his family , quickly . When she looked at it , she was really confused , why did he give it to her ? Why now? .


After some time , everyone in the mansion left to his own room , as well as , Reyyan who was so tired , she got to her Room , in her heart there were a lot of complicated feelings , Nervousness , anxiety , excitement , sadness, a weird happiness … and a huge curiosity about the content of this flashcard.

She changed her clothes , got her laptop and put it on the bed  , she has never felt like this in her whole life , while waiting for her laptop to turn on , she took a deep breath and was really shocked when she saw what was on the flashcard . While watching the photos on the screen , her heart was beating so hard in her chest , she was trying to understand why and who took all those pictures of her , a whole folder that contained Reyyan photos for the last six months , when she finished looking at them , she noticed a Word- document inside the folder , she opened it and started reading ….

“ Do you believe in love from the first glance ?  I didn’t , until I saw you. After you , everything changed , I have changed . With every breath , you are in my mind , in my thoughts , during my night, and my day . With every day that ends and I still haven’t got to you  , I felt tired , bored , I looked for you everywhere , the left side of my heart is always hurting from your love , I didn’t get you out of my mind for one minute , your love has taken my heart home , my heart has one word to say … Reyyan , Reyyan , Reyyan …..

You too, the most beautiful woman in the world  , love me , let this soul be yours , I love you ,  love you so much , this man is crazy for you , he is a lover for your beautiful eyes … “   


She let herself resign to the fire that’s surrounding her from all sides , it’s not too late to find the answers to her questions , why is her heart beating this hardly ? she didn’t just admire this man , who knows maybe she has fallen in love with him , is love that simple ? does Miran really love her ? why did he choose her ? why did he want to marry her ?

She closed the laptop , put it on the table and took out the sweater which she was saving in the wardrop , she inhaled Miran’s scent , she can’t wait to have the time to ask Him those questions, there was one answer in her heart , which refused to calm or relax , and in her smile , which refused to go away . She surrendered to love , she was stuck in Miran’s storm , Reyyan was young and so innocent , because of her lack of experience , she opened her heart for the first man she believed in , she didn’t recognize the bloody game , he was playing ……. Miran was taking a path with no way back…… she didn’t know that , this man who was her beginning  , would be her ending…

She may have been waking up  to this jumper smell , but after marriage , she will spend every night in Miran arms , with his addicting smell …. Even thinking about that made her shiver ….


When she closed her eyes , her dreams was all about an ocean- like eyes and a beautiful smell ….

Is this love ? is it always like this ? …




The man who was longing on the couch and staring at the sky with  shining stars , was smiling…

A smile that was full of hate , pain , full of revenge …. Illogically to him , he was thinking about Reyyan  , with everyday , he was getting closer to his target and his desire for revenge was rising in his heart , he would let them experience the taste of Misery , to know the feeling of being dead while still breathing , even if he took his revenge from an innocent soul …. History will repeat itself another guiltless soul would be sacrificed …….


Immediately after finalizing the engagement and leaving their mansion , he took the damn ring off and  threw it in his pocket , he was disgusted of that family ,and everything related to them , even Reyyan , disgusted of having to pretend that he likes them , he was angry too, but everything was necessary to take his revenge .

He hated sitting at their table , smiling at them , but he was forced to tolerate , he has to have more patience , he will be rid of them when he finally takes his revenge . When his phone rang , he answered tiredly , “yes ..?” 

“What are you after ?” said Arda ( Miran oldest and only friend ) , “ I’m after Reyyan , bro , but you already know that , why are you asking ?” , Miran was smiling because Arda was angry on him again, he continued his conversation with Arda on the balcony , “Why did you decide to give Reyyan the photos , now , What were you thinking ? “ , Miran smirked  “ I want Reyyan’s heart too , believe me that will be more entertaining “ . Although , when he came here , he didn’t have any idea that he would be interested in Reyyan , For his plan , he watched Reyyan and took photos of her , and now he was using the same photos to make Reyyan believe that he is in love with her , he was enjoying himself immensely while writing that silly and fake love confession …. But she must believe his love so she would give him her heart …. 

“ you are going to destroy the girls life , at least , don’t play with her feelings “ ….. Feelings !!! is this man serious ? what is he talking about ? ! Does he think Miran gives a damn about what that little girl feels ?! , she is his enemy’s daughter , if she was going to die and asked him  for a sip of water , he wouldn’t give to her …. 

“ Don’t tell me another time , what I should and shouldn’t do “ he ended the call , without listening to anything else …

He closed the balcony door forcefully after entering the room , Gonul  did it again , as a crying baby , she called Arda and told him everything ….

What was she thinking ? Pity , mercy , consciousness … he hasn’t felt those feelings for a long time , they were strange to his heart . for years , he has slept  with the fire of revenge burning in his heart , he wouldn’t feel mercy toward those people , he shouldn’t think about it too .




Reyyan picked up the tray with the coffee cups and ascended the stairs . It has been three days since her engagement , the butterflies has increased in her heart . Although , she has only confessed her feelings for Havin , everyone in the mansion has noticed her smiles and her change of heart . It was impossible to miss the roses that are blossoming in her face  . Especially , Zehra hanim , she was so happy for her daughter , after all , she was a mother who would be devastated if her daughter was sad . 


After giving the coffee to her mother and uncle’s wife , she sat beside her mother . At that Moment , Havin entered the room tired “ My soul has been consumed with all this cleaning , it doesn’t end “  

“ Do you have anything else to do Havin Hanim , of course you are going to help with the housework” Said Delal Hanim , Havin who was relaxing on the couch , looked at Reyyan and started laughing “ Reyyan will finally get rid of all this , who knows how her life will be in istanbul ?! “  , “ her housewife work will just get started , what escape you are talking about ? “ Delal Hanim said while smaking Havin’s shoulder , who cried ridiculously “ Mom , why are you hitting me ? I think

Reyyan will be happy there “ , “ she will be InshaAllah ( by God’s will ) “ , Reyyan smiled as that was her utmost desire …..

Zehra Hanim finished her coffee , looked at Reyyan and smiled , “ Tomorrow , you will go shopping with Nergis Hanim and Gonul , let’s write everything we are going to need , so we don’t forget anything,” Reyyan’s heart has started dancing from happiness , she couldn’t prevent herself from thinking about Miran and If he is going to come with them , she only saw him , when he came to the mansion , inside her , there was a great longing for him , her heart has started to miss this man who she only knew for weeks.

Reyyan couldn’t sleep the night before from excitement , it was impossible to sleep for even a second . When Morning came , she got up and  prepared herself , as if she wasn’t the same person who hadn’t slept all night . they met Nergis hanim and gonul at the market .

In Mardin , they checked out every shop and bought a lot of things , the responsibility to carry all of their purchases fell on Bedrihan’s shoulder, their Car was totally full , first they went to the jewellery shop , then they checked out the dresses and the kitchen supplies shop. 


They had spent an amazing day, but Reyyan has got so tired , her mother was pointing at everything and saying “ Let’s take this ,too “, there wasn’t any problem with the costs as her father and Miran were so rich . 

Havin entered a clothes shop and picked many dresses then started to try them , she picked up a long red dress with lace and asked Reyyan “ What do you think ? should I take this for Henna ?” 

Reyyan didn’t like it for her , Havin was just seventeen years old , and this dress made her look so much older than her real age , It didn’t suit her , “ There are still many shops , let’s look elsewhere“

“ Reyyan , come and look at this dress , I think it will look pretty on you “ Gonul called her , she looked at the dress , it was a yellow and green Bindalli ( Turkish Henna Dress) , Reyyan shocked her head and told her “ thank you , but the Bindalli I’m dreaming about is red “ .

“ then , Let’s look at the red Bindalli “ said gonul , everything was so beautiful but Reyyan was really tired , she was embarrassed to tell them all that and ask them  to come back later . While she was Thinking , she saw a brilliant red Bindalli , exactly as she was dreaming about , she raised her eyes to see who is extending this beautiful dress toward her, but she was speechless, when she saw the smiling man behind the dress ……. 

He has no right to be that much handsome ,  could a smile be as beautiful as his ? could love be as charming as the love of this man ? 

For the first time , Reyyan smiled at Miran ….

He extended the Bindalli toward her and smiled “ Miran…. You , When did you come ? “ 

Miran without Answering her question , put his hands on her shoulders , turned her toward the mirror and put the dress in front of her “ I think , this would look better on you “ and kept smiling at her …..

When Reyyan has lost all hope to find a suitable dress , because she was tired . Miran came …. If he asked her to walk with him for hours , she would , without any complain …..

While she was extending her hand to take the Bindalli , she noticed Azat at the door , who was glaring at Miran’s hand which was on her shoulder , you can see the anger in his brown scary  eyes…..

Reyyan Took a step backward to get away from Miran But at the same time Azat was marching toward them ………….

Honestly , I hate Miran in the novel more than the show , he is so cruel and will be more heartless  in the future #spoiler 😉

Until next part ,

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤



  1. Just found you site as i was looking for the book in English 🙂 Can`t find it anywhere, so I am very glad I found your site. Hope there are more chapters that will come (sorry for my bad English, im from Norway)

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    • Welcome ! I’m glad you are loving this novel ❤ Yeah ! currently translating the rest of the novel , So there will be new parts soon 🙂 Thank you for your comment ❤


    • Hey , I will be coming back to translate the rest of this book ( Hercai ) and the second book ( Mufton ) starting from this month . Thanks for reading 🙂


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