Hercai Novel ( English Translation ) Ch4(1)

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Chapter Four  Part (1) : The Wedding Dress

Pain …….

the heart that has been full of happiness for days , today is full of pain and discomfort , Reyyan tears have turned into rain and lighting , since she was a child , she has always been afraid of lighting , she would hide under her covers , so scarred , she couldn’t go out and hug her mother , the weather was so cold as they were in  the late days of September ……

Even now , Reyyan hasn’t got over her fear ….


She cried all the way home , her eyes were puffy and red , Reyyan didn’t know why she got affected that much by the incident , her tears were full of pain and sadness , until today , Reyyan has never had any problem with Azat , but now she is so angry with him.

After they had finished shopping , Miran came to them , he gave Reyyan the Bindalli of her dreams…. with every gesture and  word , he was attracting Reyyan toward him more and more , she was counting the days until their next meeting ….. 

she became a prisoner of his blue eyes ……

But Azat , as if he swears to destroy every happy moment of Reyyan’s life , came to the market ..

When Reyyan saw him , she recognized the anger in his gaze and knew he would cause a problem , he took the closeness between Miran and Reyyan as a cause to pick up a fight with him …..

He said very rude and hard words , but Miran watched him silently .

Reyyan hid behind Miran and watched them both , she was so afraid and worried ….

Azat didn’t understand her fear or her actions , but that was his nature , when he got angry , he would start fighting without thinking . He noticed Reyyan behind Miran and started to drag her by holding her arm , at that Moment , Miran took her hand and hid her behind him again , which caused Azat’s anger to increase and without hesitating , he punched Miran face ……..

Reyyan screamed and everyone in the shop came running , her mother , future mother in law and Gonul . Miran lips were bleeding but he didn’t punched Azat back , he had more control on his reactions , unlike Azat . But Reyyan couldn’t forget his angry glares toward him , they were scary.

Reyyan was really scared of his anger . At that moment , Reyyan understood that everything ended , the engagement will be cancelled and her days will be destroyed .

After the blow Miran got from Azat , he won’t want to see her or any of her family again .

Azat didn’t apologize , he got out of the shop .

Reyyan couldn’t tolerate what happened , she went out , she couldn’t breathe any more , neither stop her tears .

When she felt Miran behind her , she wiped her tears .

Reyyan wasn’t the girl who cries  easily and for her , it wasn’t good if Miran saw her crying . 

She always thought , crying in front of other people is a weakness. Even so , strong people aren’t ashamed of crying , but she was.

Miran held her arm and turned her toward him , he closed the space between their faces and said 

“ Reyyan , look at me “ 

Even though Azat was the one who created the fight , Reyyan was so embarrassed from his action , she couldn’t meet Miran eyes , but while she was waiting for words like “ I don’t want you any more “ , Miran words were different . he touched her chin and raised her eyes toward his and told her , 

“ No matter what happens , this man will never give you up “  .


Reyyan wanted to sleep as if everything that happened was just a nightmare , when she thought about the incident , she got so mad on Azat , she always respected him , why did he do such a rude thing ? doesn’t he want her to be happy ? , she doesn’t want to see him anymore .

“ Reyyan , will you please open the door ?” Havin was trying to talk to her , she was also angry with her brother “ please let us talk , don’t hide behind closed doors.”

“I want to sleep Havin , Leave me alone “


Since he reached the hotel , Miran was thinking about the blow he got from Azat , he barely held himself from punching him back .

Now , everything has increased, his anger , hatred , fury …… 

But there are just some days until he takes his revenge , the day he marries Reyyan, he will serve that family their fist blow.For years , he has been dreaming about the day Hazar will come begging him , asking for his forgiveness.Miran didn’t have anything to lose , regardless of the costs he is going to take his revenge, he won’t kill anyone , but he will burn them all alive .

He took out the first-aid kit and cleaned his wound . While he was checking out his face , he murmured “ bastard “.

After Buttoning  his black shirt and drying his hair , he heard a knocking on his room . Opening the door , he found his aunt Nergis Hanim , she is his mother’s sister , he introduced her for that family as his mother , just to secure his plan , Miran’s mother died years ago after his father , His heart was full of hatred since he was a child . Miran , the Sanoglu know , is completely fake .


His aunt took care of him since his mother’s death , she was there when his heart hardened , blackened , when he was planning his revenge , and as everyone around him , she wanted and asked him to forget about it , but she wasn’t successful . At last m she also resigned and followed him here ,     

She understood that Miran will never give up this revenge , she became a part of his plan too .

Still , she was so afraid , the person who didn’t have mercy for miran’s father , would he give it for Miran ? she fears Hazar Anger when he knew about this revenge , will he kill Miran too ? 

Her sister left Miran in her care , she doesn’t want him harmed “ My son , let’s leave and forget all about this cursed plan “ 

Miran was laughing hysterically , is she serious ?! 

He glared at his aunt “ I haven’t walked all this way to retire now , do you think I am a coward ? giving up with the first struggle ? “

“Look it’s not too late , let’s throw away the ring , you will be the winner if you avoid a dangerous path , my dear “

Whatever she said didn’t affect Miran decisions at all , it only increased his anger .

“Aunt , I will pretend as If I didn’t hear a word “ he said while raising his voice .


She already knew he won’t listen to her , but she had to try , “ What if anything happens to you? Don’t you have mercy even for yourself ? didn’t you see what Azat did today ? “ 

Miran didn’t give a damn about all that , his hatred was everywhere around even , even if his death is at the end of this revenge , he won’t give up .

He walked toward the couch “ first , I am going to take their daughter , then all they own and don’t own , I am going to take everything from them “ , he sat down , his eyes were burning 

“ All is going to be mine , I will make them Miserable “


One Week Later  …….

While days were running as Water in the rivers , Reyyan was restless , the distress inside her heart was increasing day by day , it has been a week since their shopping and there wasn’t any word from Miran of his family , there was only one explanation , Miran gave up on his promise and left her …


If she was the same Reyyan before meeting him , she wouldn’t have cared , if any other person got punched by Azat , she wouldn’t give a damn , but the deal was different . Her heart was hurting , her face hadn’t smiled for days , When she asked her father he said : “ Miran had an emergent work and went to Istanbul,” How many days this sudden work would take , Didn’t he think about calling her ? ! 

The Fire has already burned her , but Reyyan hasn’t recognized , she just confessed for herself , Her heart wants that Man and only him , she was sitting at her window , looking at the place she first saw him, she was about to cry , didn’t see him for days, she misses him and her heart hurts  , she misses his beautiful blue eyes , as a dangerous vertex , the most . she just wants him to come , stand in front of her and smile . She isn’t asking for a lot! . 


She was crying when she heard the door opening , turning her face , she wiped her tears . Reyyan hates to let anyone sees her crying .Actually , she was a sensitive girl who won’t show her feelings easily . 

Havin didn’t come in  “ Quickly , come to the hall, “ she told her  while closing the door and went . 

Reyyan didn’t understand , but she got up and went behind her . When she entered the hall , her eyes finally smiled , Gonul and Nergis Hanim have come to the mansion , immediately , she went and hugged them , she was so happy to see them , Her  previous thoughts about Miran leaving her were making her crazy . Sitting beside Nergis Hanim on the same coach , she was embarrassed to look at Gonul , remembering her anger a week ago , but Gonul was talking and smiling as if nothing has happened. 

Instead of joining the conversation , Reyyan preferred to listen quietly , In her mind , she was just thinking about Miran , she was eager to ask about him but at the same time , she was shy , did he come back from Istanbul ?

Her eyes wandered to the huge box on the table , she asked her future mother-in-law “ What is there in the box ?”  . Nergis Hanim smiled fondly “ Open it and let’s see what is there “ . Reyyan got up excited and opened the box while smiling shyly , she was shocked , there was a wedding dress inside the box . 

She looked at Gonul , “ brother couldn’t wait until he came back from Istanbul  , he sent it yesterday, he knew the wedding dress isn’t his responsibility , but he liked it a lot  “ .


To what degree would Miran reach to make Reyyan Happy ?! she took out the dress , and looked at it, her heart was beating wildly from excitement , until this moment, she hadn’t imagined her wedding dress ,but the dress between her hands was more beautiful than any of her imagination , “If you want , go, try it , If it wasn’t in your size we could some alterations before the wedding “ 

Reyyan didn’t need the offer, she returned the dress to the box , carried it and went to her room ,  “ When you wear it , come and show us “ , she laughed at Havin words While she was running to her room .


Leaving the box on her bed , she took off her clothes and picked the wedding dress up , It wasn’t exactly white , but a little bit toward the cream color , with a lot of handworks and lace , longer from behind .

When she looked at herself in the mirror , she stopped breathing . While she was thinking Miran has left her , he bought a wedding dress for her . Like this dress , her dark thoughts left her mind , it became white all over. While she was closing the box , she noticed a piece of paper ……

Miran and his notes , they were going to be the cause of her death .


“ Sorry I went to Istanbul without telling you , I hope this dress will make you forgive me , I’m sure as my name It will suit you perfectly …. 

You are in my mind …… 

You are in my heart …….

My heart is yours …….”


Reyyan gave up for  the love storm inside her , before she met Miran , she told Havin “  falling in Love can’t be that easily “ , but she has fallen in love with this man from the first meeting ,

Her heart , mind , and feelings were different , Miran is the man she loves , she is  sure now . 

She is angry with herself too , she always thought badly of him . She closed the note in her hand and put it against her heart, her heart was beating wildly again , while closing her eyes ,she let her mouth says the same words “ My heart is yours “ …


Arranging her hair , she looked at herself again , the dress was beautiful , falling in love was beautiful, and Miran was so beautiful ……

When she entered the hall , everyone looked at her . The dress was magical and beside Reyyan natural beauty , the view was phenomenal . Her Mother eyes teared while looking at her beautiful daughter. 

“ Mashallah , it looks amazing on you , dear “ Nergis Hanim said the words with a huge difficulty , she felt so guilty while looking at Reyyan’s smile , If she knew this dress will be her destruction , would she still wear it smiling ? 

“ it suits you , Reyyan , Miran has a great taste “ , after she said that Delal Hanim looked at her daughter , “ Now , it’s your turn, Havin “ While everyone was laughing , Havin blushed even though she knew her mother was kidding , she is still young for marriage .


“Reyyan , Is there anything you didn’t like ? do you want to change the dress ? “ While listening to Gonul , Reyyan touched the dress, she loved it . 

Gonul put her coffee mug on the table, “ I’m going to tell great news now , My brother is coming back today , the wait is over “ 

Reyyan’s heart was flying from happiness , All the tears the previous days were for nothing , Miran won’t leave her m he will be her husband soon. 

Finally , she is peaceful ,  Miran is coming to see her today , her heart started beating with excitement from this moment .







Until next part .

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤





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