Hercai Novel {English Translation} Ch5(2)

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Here is the rest of Chapter 5, of Hercai novel, Translated in English.

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Chapter Five Part(2) : Elegy 

It has always Been Like this, Every time he fights with Gonul, he lashes out on others.

Azat took Miran’s arm and dragged him to the other side of the mansion, he didn’t want Reyyan to see them.

Miran glared at Azat waiting for his words

” If the place you are standing in front is my home, then yeah m you have to explain to me your reason for coming at this time”

Azat is always serious, he hated the sarcastic behaviour of Miran.

“As long as my fiancé, who is going to be MY Wife,  is here, you don’t interfere, Azat”

Miran said sarcastically,  he was so angry, he hasn’t  forgotten how Azat punched him days ago.

Azat temper doubled with Miran Words, he tried to punch him again, but Miran held his arm

” What is your problem ? What do you want from me ? ” 

Speechless, Azat didn’t know how to answer …. Why is he so angry with this man ?

No … No … the answer shouldn’t include Reyyan In it….. she couldn’t be the reason  … NEVER !

But Miran didn’t give him the chance….

” I know you are in love with Reyyan”

Azat opened his eyes astonished …

The truth, which he can’t admit even to himself …  he is now listening to it from this man … he couldn’t understand … He refused to believe …

” What shit are you saying ? “ He shouted

” What I said is really obvious” Miran said smirking “You are blind if You have net realized this before”

Miran looked at Azat eyes … he is right, damn you Azat …he is in love with Reyyan

Even If these words were burning his soul, he pretended to not care …

” But … Keep this in your mind, Reyyan is mine, If you tried to interfere like this gain, I’ll kill you” 

He looked at Azat with Eyes full of threats, then left without looking back …

Azat was still shocked, he entered  the mansion angrily, took his socked shirt off, while he was walking toward his room, he pumped into Reyyan …

Where did this girl come from ? He was about to take all his anger on her … because all of this was her fault … Why did he have to fall in love with her ?!

He was so mad, but left to his room without a word ….


Miran got back to the hotel, he didn’t want to see Gonul, still angry with her, He knocked on the opposite door ….

A woman with sleepy eyes opened the door

” Miran ?” She said surprised

Miran Entered without answering …

Nergis Hanim sat down beside him worried” What happened son ? Why are your clothes like this ? You will get sick dear ?!”

Miran took off his shirt  and looked at his aunt , he was tired of everything … Revenge , feelings ….. Everything ” I want to sleep on your knees , aunt ” 

Laying his heed on her knees, the old lady smiled at her nephew and started caressing his black hair ” Did you fight with Gonul again ? ” 

He closed his eyes as if agreeing ” It’s Reyyan ” 

Nergis Hanim breathed deeply ” For days , I haven’t slept , my son ! We are going to commit a crime with this innocent soul , your mother must be agonized in her grave ” 

Miran has lost all the ability to argue, he was so gone listening to all this advice and wisdom .

” Please , not you too , you know what her father did ” 

She knows , but she was so afraid of this revenge game  ” I’m so afraid , what if they killed you too ? ” 

” Don’t worry , that won’t happen ” 

After all that happen , he gave himself to sleep , whatever he is doing is crazy , but he is going to take his father’s revenge , he will take that girl’s innocence . 

If they caught him , they will make sure to kill him . 

Nergis Hanim Continued to caress her nephew’s hair , is she going to always  live with this fear ! 

Why this obsession with Reyyan ? Why he is so angry all the time ?  

In Istanbul , Miran is so rich , he got all his money from his father . 

He has been planning everything about this revenge , he chose to hit Hazar’s Aorta by taking his honour , his daughter’s innocence . He already know that for the families in this area , Honour comes first .

Miran won’t take a soul for his father’s ,  won’t kill anyone , won’t be a killer . 

Miran  chose Reyyan … 


In the morning , Miran moved to his room , entering the bathroom , after showering and wearing another shirt , he glanced at the bed , his wife was still asleep or pretending to be , he didn’t want to hear her voice .

He is going to take the key for the house he is planning to take Reyyan to after their marriage , in Diyarbakır .

Without Realizing what is going to happen to her , the butterfly was trying her wedding dress in front of the mirror , dreaming about her wedding and prince charming .

Azat didn’t go to the work today , he slept for a late hour , afraid of opening his eyes . 

Whatever happened last night , everything that Miran said , was horrible ….. unacceptable . 

When he woke up at noon , he saw Reyyan’s opened- door , she was with Haven , trying her wedding dress happily , even though he tried so much to avoid looking at her , his eyes betrayed him , seeking their favourite sight …..

But this time , they found her in white , looking like an angel , he couldn’t breathe any more , the girl he is in love with was going to be the bride of another man in  some days .

Why do all the painful feelings choose to attack the innocent hearts at the same time 

His heart was full of cracks , when did all this happen ? How did his existence become dependent on the smiles of Reyyan ? 

Damn his Luck and His cursed heart .

Azat was angry with everyone and everything , his blind eyes , his silent heart , his stupid brain … 


Miran finished his work at Diyarbakır , he was almost in Mardin when Nergis Hanim called him ….

“I’m on my way , aunt , did anything happen ? “ he asked his worried aunt 

” Dear , Gonul lost her mind , I couldn’t prevent her , she is going to the mansion to tell Reyyan the truth ” 

After every word he heard , his temper was flaring , his blood was boiling


After everything he has done , after all the struggles , how dare she try to destroy all of it 

” I’LL KILL YOU ,GONUL “ he shouted 

When is this crazy woman going to use her brain ? 

If she tells anyone the truth , no one can imagine what would he do to her !

When He reached the mansion , he hesitated before nocking , what if Gonul has already told them about his plans , what is going to happen ? When he was days away from reaching his goals , would he allow his stupid wife to destroy everything ?!

He was about to knock on the door , when it was opened by Reyyan , his heart stopped , he couldn’t breathe … The beautiful girl in front of him with tear-stained heart-shaped face made it impossible for him to say a word , he was speechless …. 

Miran looked at her beautiful sad eyes While Reyyan whipped her tears  and looked at him surprised …

Ahhh ! Everything was over , she knew ..

” Why are you looking at me like this ? ”  

She destroyed everything , his wife with her jealously and reckless behaviour , destroyed everything he did to reach this point … 

He tried looking behind Reyyan , Where is Gonul now !! did she already leave ?! 

While he was deep in his thoughts , Reyyan kept asking him a question after the other ..

” Where are you looking ? Are you searching for anyone ? ” 

” Why are you crying ? ” 

Reyyan shrugged “Just like that ” 

After her reaction , Miran breathed deeply , If Gonul had told her the truth , this mansion won’t be quite like this . And Reyyan … 

She won’t look at him like this any more …

But why was she crying ?! ” Why are you in this condition ?” For the first time in his life, Miran was anxious . 

Reyyan noticed his hesitation and said quietly ” Nothing happened ” 

” If nothing has happened as you say then why are you crying ? “ He held Reyyan’s face between his palms and look at her smirking ” Tell me , Love ” 

Reyyan looked at his blue eyes and suddenly hugged him ….

He was surprised , didn’t expect such a bold move from this innocent  girl …. 

Reyyan was hugging him tightly , closing her small hands around his waist , all of her warmth , scent , curves were surrounding him … 

Miran was confused and irritated , Why is Reyyan hugging him ?? 

But this butterfly was lost , she was searching for a home, and she found safety in his arms …. 

She didn’t think at that moment , her soul was hurting, and he was her only solace ….

” Won’t you tell me what happened , beautiful ? “ he asked sweetly …

Reyyan raised her eyes and looked at him , lost in his embrace and blue eyes , she was finally safe ” I just got emotional whenever my mother talks about me leaving in some days ” 

She didn’t want to worry and burden him with her problems . 

Miran has had enough from her delicate hands around him , he was irritated ..

” Don’t cry without a reason “ he said while extracting her hands from around him           ” Even with a reason , Don’t cry , Don’t ever spell a tear from  your pretty eyes ” 

He said while caressing her cheeks . 

Miran was comfortable , lying to her , pretending to be in love with her , he was content ..

He was relived , Gonul isn’t brave enough to tell Reyyan everything … 

Reyyan gazed at Miran eyes for a long time , How could she ever know that the same eyes showing her love , are going to be the eyes of her killer ? 

Miran was perfect in pretending and acting as if he was in love , even though he has never felt that feeling , Reyyan didn’t doubt him for a second . 

He started caressing Reyyan’s face while smiling his fake smile ” You won’t ever be sad , you will always be happy” 

What a big lie ….. 

Reyyan looked at Miran warmly , watching him in front of her , counsoling her , loving her , has decreased the pain …. but what was he doing at this hour in front of the mansion ?!

What if anyone came out and saw them hugging !! ” Why did you come ? “ asked Reyyan nervously .

He Hesistated a little before answering ..

” Because I missed you “ He smiled ” I was near and just wanted to see you ” 

This man was making her heart feels like it never felt before , she raised her fingers and touched his beard …

” I have to go back now ” 

Miran nodded and was surprised when Reyyan kissed his cheek and entered the mansion quickly . He loked at her with her long dark hair , her angelic smell was still with him . 

He was still watching the door while touching his cheek When he remmbered Gonul , he walked to his car and started toward the Hotel . 

Gonul opened the door and went back to the bed without looking at him .

” Yeah ! Don’t look at me as if your stuipidity isn’t enough , I admire your bravery ” 

After she sat down , she raised her eyes and looked at his blue angry eyes  ” You are the one who did everything and now I’m the guilty …. Ironic ” 

He closed the distance between them ” What is all this about ? , Don’t you know what I will do to you If you opened your mouth ?! ” 

She was so done with fighting … Whenever she tried to talk to him about anything , her husband is the first one to run …

” Yeah ! I was going to tell them Everything … But I didn’t ” 

She stood up and put her hand on her husband’s shoulder , exactly at the same place Where Reyyan’s head was just minutes ago ” I didn’t go , because I was afraid something will happen to you , the people who didn’t spare your father , won’t spare or pity you ” 

Getting rid of her hand , he told her sarcestically ” Leave thinking about me and my safety aside ” 

” Everything you do irritae me more and more , I want allow you to mess with my plan m Do you understand ? ” 

He went to the bathroom to shower , even the cold water couldn’t decrease his anger and hate …. he was so tired …

Gonul watched her husband sleeping at their bed , she smiled , since she married him , her face didn’t smile once … 

Even though she knows , he is now in love with Reyyan while he had never loved her … She won’t leave him .. 

The only thing she was afraid of in this life is losing this miran … 

Her love wasn’t just blind and selfish … It was obsessive , evil , disgusting and reckless ….


Sorry for the long wait ,

Until next part ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

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