Tips for Book Reviews Writing

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I Have been Writing  Book Reviews Since 2017, my style has evolved through the years, but  Still there  are  things that I CAN’T Ignore while writing  every book review, And I thought why not  talk about this and help other book lovers who are just starting to review books, whether on Good Reads, Personal Blogs, Instagram, Facebook .

davHere are My Top Tips For Writing Book Reviews :

  1. Criticize the book NOT the author : When You are writing a book review, focus on the ideas, concepts, characters, scenes of the book NOT the author’s life, religion ….
  2. Don’t tag the author in your negative reviews : Whether you are publishing your reviews on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook …. If you didn’t like the book, you are totally free to talk about it, but DON’T tag the authors  they are humans after all just like you, please consider their feelings.
  3. Discuss how you felt while reading the book : what was going in your mind, what did you love the most about the characters, the plot, the scenes ….
  4. Be Honest : don’t be affected by others opinions and don’t be ashamed , if you loved a book , everyone hated , then write why you loved it , express your opinions , each one of us has different tastes . DON’T Try to write what others thought about the book , write your own thoughts .
  5. Add TRIGGER Warnings : Many authors and publishers don’t add these , but as a book reviewer you have the responsibility to warn other readers about the sensitive concepts the book discusses.
  6. If you got an ARC or a free copy to review : Thank the author or the publisher at the beginning of your review.

I hope you find these tips helpful ,

Until next time ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

Lana ❤



  1. These are some pretty solid tips! I think it’s always a good idea to separate an author from their book, especially when you’re not fond of the book. I love trigger warnings, especially. I’m fine with reading most things, but there are definitely some things that I see a trigger warning for and nope right out of there, and I appreciate that, instead of stumbling over that content and having to quit a book midway through.


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