Hercai Novel {English Translation} Ch5(1)

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Chapter Five  Part(1) : Elegy 

The Most Hopeless moments to any woman , when she watches the man she gave her heart , her whole life , looks  at her with no mercy or love . She wasn’t able to tolerate this game any more , couldn’t stand even . While supporting her small body on the wall , she sobbed her soul while looking at the cold , calm eyes of her husband … 

“ I can’t Tolerate this any more “ she told him tiredly “Why don’t you understand ? “ her voice was trembling “Please …” she looked at the angry eyes of the merciless man in front of her “ I beg you Miran , end this Revenge game, please “  


Miran touched his temples , he was so angry because of this crying woman , with every word she uttered , his anger increased more and more ….. 

Ahh , Gonul and her nagging that doesn’t end … all his plans and everything he did until now , would he give it up for his stupid wife ? and her crazy jealousy ?   … He worked so hard for his revenge and he will destroy Anyone who stand in his way …. Anyone …

“ Look , everyone is afraid of this revenge , you could get hurt ….. “ 


“ SHUT UP “  

Miran broke her crazy talk with his shout , but she still couldn’t stop crying .

“ I said shut-up , stop crying , that’s enough,  “  he told her angrily … 

He did a big mistake by bringing her here but what’s done is done , He won’t let her affect his plan …

“ I don’t want to see you with her , Miran , Either you end this and we leave this city , or I’m … “ 

Gonul said while walking in front of him , Miran glared at her , If she continued her words , Madness will be so close to him …

“ Tomorrow , I will go and tell Reyyan Everything “ 

Miran Rage had no bounds when he heard her threat , How dare she say such words in front of him ?! and IS she really  serious ? all these plans took Miran Years ! 

He grabbed his  wife and pushed her toward the wall , she was still sobbing “ I told you about this a thousand times before we came here “ he shouted in her face “ and you accepted , you swore it was ok with you , and you promised not to cause any problem , Are you crazy woman ? I’m just days away from achieving my life goal ! “ 

Gonul didn’t look at her husband angry face “ I tried but I can’t do it any more , I’m in pain , Don’t you see ? “ 

Miran Put his hands around his nape and closed his eyes “ I DON’T SEE “  he shouted “ I DON’T WANT TO SEE , I’M SO SICK OF YOU “ … Gonul couldn’t stand any more , she fell on the floor again , She can’t share her husband with another woman … she can’t !

“ Don’t you love me ? even a little bit ? “ even though she was asking him this question , she already know his answer …. 

The angry man shouted angrily “ I DON’T , I DON’T LOVE YOU , HAVEN’T EVEN FOR ONE DAY ,  YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT , I TOLD YOU I DON’T HAVE ANY TIME TO SPARE FOR THAT NONSENSE , ALTHOUGH YOU KNOW MY ONLY DESIRE IS REVENGE , YOU INSISTED AND NAGGED UNTIL WE MARRIED “ he pointed his finger toward her “ If you tried destroying my plans again , I swear I will divorce you “ 


Gonul was holding her head and crying insanely , she was afraid to look at him , her soul was suffering , but he didn’t even notice , refusing to acknowledge her as always . He didn’t care about Gonul , with every sob , his anger was increasing , he broke everything in the room , kicked  the table and destroyed it . The hotel room was full of shattered glass as If a war had blown out there .


This scene wasn’t new for them , it happened frequently , They are used to it now , Miran didn’t love Gonul , which made her lose her mind day by day . 


This woman was obsessed with a man , who didn’t love her even for a single moment . The idea of sharing him with another woman was making her crazy . 

Her tears didn’t stop , whenever she tried wiping them  new ones formed under her puffy eyes . 


Miran sat down on the couch and looked with empty eyes . 


“ You kissed her hair , in front of my eyes , you didn’t touch my hair Ever . …. And above all that ……”

All that wasn’t in her hands , he burned her soul ….. 

“ You looked at her and smiled , You love her “ 


“ SHUT-UP “ he shouted angrily , trying to intimidate her as he always do . …. And maybe trying to convince his beating heart .


Gonul couldn’t stay quiet this time , 

“ You held her hand , made her wear your ring , gifted her the Bindalli , which you took a punch for “ 

Her murmurs were making him lose his mind , he shouted again  

“ I said SHUT – UP , SHUT-UP WOMAN “ 

Gonul didn’t talk anymore , and miran didn’t feel the need to shout at her again ……

But after a long silence , Gonul broke it again … 

“ Fine , What is going to happen to Reyyan After all this ? “ she asked him out of  curiosity rather than concern .

“ Why this girl has to pay for her father’s sins ? “


Miran looked at his wife again , “ Tell me , What have I done to him , to deserve all this ? “ he pointed at himself and shouted 

“ I was just a child when I watched my father be killed in front of my eyes , what sin did I do to deserve that ? TELL ME “ 


Gonul Shocked her head “ I know you , Miran , You aren’t a bad person “ 

“ You have never known who am I “ 

Gonul was trying to wake the little mercy inside him , even though she already knew that he won’t change his mind . 


“ Please, Let’s leave her , let’s go back to Istanbul as we have  been living before “ 

Her words made him more angry , as If they have had a marriage to begin with ……


“ As we have been living before , ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? “ 


“ Then , Tell Me , After you take your revenge , are you going to sleep peacefully ? “ 

Gonul stood up and walked toward him , she knelt beside him and looked at him with her eyes full of pain . 


He didn’t have an answer ….

Would he be able to sleep peacefully ?! when he is going to put his head on the pillow after the end of this game , won’t he see Reyyan in front of his closed eyes ?! 


“ I’m waiting for your Reply “ she said crying . 

“ Who do you think you are ? I don’t have to answer you “ 


“ You won’t be at peace , Miran , You aren’t evil , when your sleeping consciousness wake up , you will be the one suffering again “ 

Miran didn’t comment , he won’t get in any argument with this woman again , he won’t waste his time .  

But Gonul who got a little brave after his silence , touched his knee …

“ Let’s go back to Istanbul , I promise ….. I won’t cause any more problems , I won’t ask you , Where have you been ? Or why didn’t you come home ? , Why don’t you love me ? I won’t ask you to hug me …… but please , stay just mine “ 


He closed his eyes “ Gonul , Don’t  “ 






Gonul stood up after taking her hand away from his knee , wiping her tears “ What If Did? “ 

That Was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Miran 

He took Gonul’s  arm and pushed her ..

After all that he has done so far , Gonul was trying to stop him , to be a struggle in his way .


“ DON’T . don’t you dare interfere with my work . you will keep your mouth shut or I know how to shut it forever . “ 

He left her arm and got out , if he stayed for even a second more , he was going to hurt his stupid wife.


He left the hotel in two minutes , his life could be summarized in some words …

A broken  crying wife .  

An innocent life that was going to be destroyed , exactly as it happened to his father’s life by Hazar Sanoglu ….


When anger and hate rule the soul , the eyes won’t be able to see any more  …. like Miran … Miran Karaman …


Since he was a child he swore to take revenge , he didn’t allow anyone or anything except that in his heart … he swore that , when he watched his father be killed in front of his innocent eyes 

The man who did all that was going to pay , he would make him pay for his ins , not by killing him , Miran wasn’t a killer , he won’t allo w himself to be one …..

But he will take his daughter’s life ….. 

Then the big war would start again 

One more step , just days away …


And now his wife is trying to destroy all his work , he won’t allow her ….


But this tortured soul didn’t know or consider the hidden secrets , that the innocent happy life , he was going to take isn’t Hazar real daughter 


While walking in Mardin’ streets , the night is already her , miran walked for ours , his mind overthinking every word , he watched his life in front of his eyes as if it were a movie ,  full of revenge , hate and anger …


How painful …

Still his wife’s voice kept  whispering in his mind ….

You love her …

Miran pressed his hands and yanked his hair trying to get rid of All those ridiculous ideas , he won’t fall in love ever , especially not with his enemies daughter .

Will his life , he had just one direction and goal , Revenge …. He has never thought about marriage, but Gonul’s obsession with him , pressured him attach himself in it . 


Gonul was ok with marrying Miran, regardless of his condition, she even accepted his revenge game , but ………. She didn’t sign for this , didn’t expect her husband who had never looked at her with love ,to love this other woman….


The rain is back in Marcin , the sky was raining heavily, but our guy has never cared about rain , his shirt was soaked and sticking to his muscular chest , he walked and walked without any direction in mind, an hour has passed……but he didn’t noticed .

Until he found himself in front of the mansion , looking at Reyyan’s window ….

The light was on , she hasn’t slept yet …..


Hearing the rain sounds, reyyan got to her window , watching the raindrops against the dark night sky …….


Miran was watching her shadow, he didn’t know how much time has passed ,he Still watched her …when he decided to leave , someone touched his shoulder ………

Azat …….


He was looking at Miran angrily , as Each  Time they met .

” What are you doing here ? “

Miran pushed his hand and said sarcastically “Am I supposed to explain my actions to you “  , his hate for Azat has been increasing day by day . Even though he hated all the members of that family , his hate for Azat was more . 


Angry, disgusting  , arrogant , Pathetic …..

The eyes of the angry men were challenging, but Miran was angry too  this time .

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