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In #bookcommunity (on #bookstagram /#booktwitter /Facebook /#bookblogging) many of us receive requests to review books either through authors or publishers, in today’s post, I’m going to discuss how should we deal with review requests as authors or as readers .


First, if you are an author who wants feedback and reviews for your book, it is absolutely OK to send messages to readers but I highly ask you to take in consideration the following tips :

1.  Know more about the blogger /bookstagrammer /reader before sending the request (DON’T just look at the number of their followers), you need to know their name, take a look at their platform (what genre they prefer, what form they like to read from..)

2. DETAILS, when you send a review request, you should mention everything about your book (the genre, length, format you can send, any trigger warning, when do you like them to review your book)

3. Include your name, social platforms, blog, previous books you wrote (that way, readers can know more about you directly )

4. Try getting the reader email (and avoid sending messages through social media) that way you can attach all the details while still making sure the reader will get the chance to Read your email (dms often get lost, especially if the person has a high following number)


Now for readers, if you receive any review request you should totally follow these steps to deal with it :

1. Be respectful, even if you don’t have time, or you don’t want to review the book, don’t be rude, replay to the message /email, authors took from their time to offer you the chance, respect that.

2. Read about the book, before accepting /refusing (do you like the genre? Previous work? Are you OK with the concept?)

3. Study your schedule and give yourself enough time to read it (give the exact day, you will be reviewing the book on, to the author).

4. Be honest with the author from the start (and tell them before accepting that you will be honest with your review, so if they just want good reviews only, they can take that in consideration).

5. Specify where exactly you can review their books ( Blog / Instagram / Goodreads / Amazon ….)

You can check out my other post , For Tips you can apply while reviewing books.


That’s it for today.

As Always , Thanks for Reading .

Until Next Time .

Stay strong and change the world.

Lana ❤




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