January Reading Wrap-Up

Last December I’ve watched the adaptation of one of my favorite historical romances ( The duke And I by Julia Quinn ) . I Loved the Bridgertons a lot , so naturally most of my reads in January were historical romances LOL .

And as I got one week break from school in January , I’ve managed to read 20 books . I know that’s a lot :P, but you can guess what I’ve been doing during that break 😀

Now let me start talking about all the books I’ve managed to read this month ❤

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi 5/5

This was my third time reading this amazing book and every time this book becomes even better . It’s all about the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of DR. Paul kalanithi ,neurosurgeon and outstanding writer . I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to talk about this masterpiece so stay tuned 🙂

It was definitely my favorite read of January . Highly recommended .

” You can’t ever reach perfection , but you can believe in an asymptote toward which you are ceaselessly striving ”

When Breath becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

The Marriage Code By Brooke Burroughs 4/5

For me , this was an amazing debut by Brooke Burroughs . Multi-cultural romance set in India . Enemies to lovers trope with culture , food and traditions of India blended throughout the whole story . Super cute and interesting . Personally , loved it .

And I will be posting my whole review soon .

“The truth was that he’d been hiding who he was and what he wanted for so long that his own parents didn’t even know him.”

The marriage code by Brooke Burroughs

The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund 3/5

This was a friends to lovers romance .I didn’t agree with all the views in this book about many topics like : Virginity , sex and sexism. In my opinion , the story has so much potential to be one of my favorite books , But , unfortunately I didn’t like it that much .

There is just so much slut-shaming in this ‘sex-positive novel’. And the worst part, the shaming is mostly done by other women! Which was really annoying .

I don’t know , I really have conflict opinions about this book .

” Love Is when your weirdness matches up with someone else’s weirdness , when you are comfortable being exactly you ”

Best laid plans by Cameron Lund

The Heiress gets a duke by Harper St. George. 3/5

When I read the synopsis of this book , I was really excited to read it . I thought it would be a different book from the usual Historical romance book . It wasn’t bad , the writing style was actually wonderful , but nothing new .

Honestly , the cover is gorgeous LOL ( Could be the reason I chose to read this book 😛 )

Sweet Talkin’ Lover 3/5 and Like Lovers Do 4/5 By Tracey Livesay

This is my first time reading anything by Tracey Livesay and I loved her writing style so much . For me, The second book ( Like Lovers do ) was better than the first in this series , I just LOVED the main charactars .

Other Historical Romance books I read in January :

That’s it for today’s post .

Tell me guys how many books have you read in January ? What was your favorite book ? Also , have you read any of these books ?

P.s : I know I haven’t posted for months , I was really busy with my studies and part time jobs . Now, I have more time as I started my clinical years in medical school , So hopefully I will post more regularly .

As always, thanks for reading .

Until next time.

Be kind and stay strong .

Lana ❤

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