Reading And Life Balance .

Before I start my post today , let me remind you of one of my favorite quotes ever :  “Bennie, If you can read , you can learn just about anything .” My Life , Ben Carson. 


I won’t start talking about the benefits of reading and what you could gain from reading a book or more monthly , because  definitely you know that , but one of the most requested posts that I have been asked to blog about is Finding Balance , how to live , study , work , exercise …… and read .

As A  third year med student , my work is increasing day by day , studying , studying and studying that’s all I’m doing these days .But I  Have actually achieved my reading goal this year ( by finishing 50 books and reading 33 more ) , yeah , till now I’ve finished reading 83 books , different genres  and  ideas , how Could I managed to do that ! that’s what I’m gonna talk about in this post .

There are periods in your life when you’ll read a lot, and there’ll be periods  you’ll read very little , that’s completely normal , so don’t freak out if you find  yourself  haven’t read a book in a year , because life requires a lot from us , no matter what you do , you have things to finish , partner , kids, family or friends  who demand some time from you.

So, first of all , MANAGE YOUR TIME SMARTLEY ,  plan your day every morning , use a journal , planner , notebook or just a piece of paper  but you have to write down what you have to do . HAVE A BOOK WITH YOU. ALWAYS , having a book , physical or E-book  , will guide your free time towards reading . READING BEFORE SLEEPING , instead of sitting on your phone before sleeping , damaging your eyes and brain , grab a book and start reading . AUDIOBOOKS , audiobooks are so great , especially if you drive yourself around .READ WHAT YOU LOVE . reading about things that interest you will excite and motivate you to read more .

For me , I always start my day by reading approximately for 30 minutes ,   actually helps me a lot , especially that I always read at that time about neurosurgery which is my goal in  life , gives me a lot of motivation and ability to go through the day.

Reading through the bus ride ,as I need to take the public transportation to reach my University , is  amazing because I get a lot of it done . I love reading  Between lectures and during my breaks also .

But I get a lot of reading done , after exams , how ? , after every exam I relax and read for 24 hours ( have a readathon , bookworms , you know what I’m talking about ) , simply I don’t do anything except read a good book and relax in one of my favorite places , my kind of celebration .

With all that , I end my article here , hope you get good tips from this , and please let me know if you have any advice for me to read more .

“I never feel lonely if I’ve got a book – they’re like old friends. Even if you’re not reading them over and over again, you know they are there. And they’re part of your history. They sort of tell a story about your journey through life” . Emilia Fox

Until next time , 

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤ 

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