15 things to do While Social Distancing …

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If you have free time and you are spending all of it on your couch watching Netflix 😂 in today’s post, I’m going to give you some ideas to change that , be productive while enjoying your time at home 🙂

P. S : I don’t do any of the following, I wish I could, but I have soooo much to study 😂😂 .

1. Read a book: You could start exploring new genres, or just grab a few books from your shelves that you have been trying to read forever.

2. Watch a documentary (there are amazing ones out there), you could just search about topics you are interested in and start watching .

3. Learn something new (knitting, a new instrument, handcrafts, calligraphy..) YouTube is really making , learning new skills super easy .

4. Start practising yoga and meditation :  (such an amazing way to relax and flex your body 😂).

5. Learn a new language:  Personally, all the languages I mastered except Arabic, were self-taught 😀

6. Try a new recipe (or if you are like me, start learning how to cook or bake 😂)

7. Organize and clean your shelves, room, home .

8. Start a blog /YouTube channel ( great ways to express yourself and help others).

9. Organize your digital files and devices.

10. Watch TED talk videos. (there are awesome videos about interesting topics).

11. Online courses.

12. Chat with your friends and family online.

13. Join a book club. (* I’m organizing a read along for house of earth and blood if you are interested ☺️).


14. Bullet Journaling.

15. If you are in school /university, even if you aren’t taking online classes, reviewing and getting ahead with the material would be very helpful.

What About you guys ! How are you spending your days at home ? 🙂

As Always , Thanks for reading .

Until Next time .

Stay strong and change the world.

Lana ❤



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