Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch6

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Chapter 6 : Meeting of the Souls

Life was full of dirt … Sick thoughts …. lost dreams and Tired Hopes .

Every person has expectations and dreams for the future , no matter how small and insignificant they are….. But for Miran , there was nothing …. No Hopes or dreams .

After He left the hotel , he walked so fast , many complicated thoughts were crowding his mind , tearing him apart . He didn’t know where to go … walking alone .

At the Side of the road , he noticed a Children Park , he went and set on a bench . Watching the kids play , he smiled unconsciously ….. hopelessly .

Could he be a father one day ?!

Impossible dream ….

Getting rid of such ideas from his mind , he got up and left the park .

After what he is going to do , Miran didn’t deserve something pure as that dream .

In the morning , Gonul started nagging again , he felt like his head was going to explode from her words and pleas .

Miran left the hotel again . Which wasn’t weird thing for him , to leave his wife . After all, he didn’t marry Gonul because he loved her .

Looking at his phone , he decided to call Reyyan . He was restless since last night when he saw her crying . His mind stayed there , with her hugging him . Even though he persisted , she didn’t tell him , why she was crying .

Without further thinking , he called her …. Reyyan .

After a long minute , Reyyan answered . When he heard her gentle voice , A beautiful smile bloomed on his face .

” How are you today ? ”

He said smiling , unconsciously .

Her voice sounded better today .

” I’m good ”

She said , her voice smiling .

” Would you do something crazy for me , Reyyan ? ”

Asked Miran surprising them both .

” Would you come to the place where we always meet ? ”

He continued .

Why was his heart beating like this !!

Why was he dying to see her eyes !!

” I don’t know … ”

Said Reyyan hesitantly .

Her heart was beating outside her chest , could she meet him today , there are just days before their wedding ! .

” I will wait you at the same place, 20 minutes from now. Reyyan ! Don’t be late ”

Said Miran before ending the call.

Why the hell did he call Reyyan !!

Why did he even want to see her, now !!!

Everything was going smoothly. He was going to marry her next week. He was finally going to get his revenge.

Then why this continuous need to see her ! To make her smile ! To wipe her tears ……to touch her !

She is his enemy’s daughter, For God’s sake !!

Miran walked reluctantly to his hotel’s room . He spent all his time outside finalizing the marriage arrangements with Hazar .

Even though Hazar made sure to introduce him to everyone in the region , arrogantly , Miran didn’t mind . After all he is going to get his revenge , thus, he continued to play his obedient role .

He had to enter the room to change his clothes but his heart was shouting to get out from this place.

Without knocking , he opened the door using his card .

Gonul was laying on the couch , she slept while watching the TV. He didn’t want to listen to her nagging again .

Quietly , he changed his clothes .

While buttoning his dark blue shirt , he noticed Gonul looking at him with sleepy eyes .

Without a word , he took his phone , keys and went out again .

Gonul didn’t want to talk either. She was living the worst days of her life.

She was losing the man she loves.

Almost one year had passed since they got married . And all that time , she had never been happy for a single moment.

To Love someone , doesn’t mean you will be happy together.

Marriages which were built on Unrequited love never work .

By choosing to marry a man who didn’t love her , she threw all her life away .

She was in hell ….

Gonul was turning to ash with every look from Miran .

If she could change anything in her life , she would have married a man who loved her too .

After a long day waiting …. The night was here . Everyone in the mansion was sleeping .

Reyyan sneaked outside the mansion .

The weather was windy , her dress and black hair were blowing around her .

While she was running toward the big tree behind the mansion , she screamed …..

Someone had circled her waist and was hugging her from behind.

Miran put his palm on her mouth , he didn’t want everyone in the mansion to wake up .

When their eyes met , they both smiled ….

One is liar and the other is lover…..

While gazing at the girl between his arms , a shiver run through his body .

Reyyan was like a little fearful deer.

Her heart was beating under his palm , he could feel her heartbeats all through his toes.

Miran loved her reaction .

The desire started to build through his body .

If you really think about their situation…. it was easy to guess the reason for Reyyan’s excitement .

But Miran’s …..

What was his excuse ?!

Was it possible to smile wholeheartedly in the face of your enemy’s daughter ?! to want her that much ?!

He didn’t know anything …. anymore .

Miran removed his hand from Reyyan’s lips .

It was like his heart had touched her beautiful lips , not just his hand .

Reyyan was different today …..

Her eyes were full of wonder ….

Her smile was more beautiful …..

He removed his arms from her waist and took a step backward.

Miran already knew that Reyyan was in love with him ….. He didn’t doubt her feelings for him . After all , he worked so hard to steal her little heart .

At the beginning , he didn’t think he would want anything to do with this girl except using her to take his revenge .

But for few moments ….

Miran wanted to leave his anger, hatred and revenge aside , and live this dream as a man who is crazily in love …..

People always say , Lovers … Soulmates don’t need words , they communicate through their eyes . The silence is enough , their hearts talk ….

Miran and Reyyan looks were full of longing , desire and love .

Miran was lost in her dark mesmerizing eyes, and she was content to stare at his ocean eyes.

Miran was the one to close the distance between them , he took her between his arms , circling her waist and burying his lips in her silky dark hair .

Inhaling her angelic scent …….

Miran finally found peace ….

Reyyan made him forget everything…

The same as all the sins ….. Forbidden things are always attractive for the human nature .

After all , The heart wants what it wants ….

He didn’t want to end this moment or remove his arms from this girl .

Miran closed her smooth cheeks between his thumbs , she was so beautiful .

Reyyan closed her eyes , her heart was beating really hard .

” Why do I miss you like this ? Why this crazy need to see you ? Why YOU? ”

Asked Miran , lost in her beauty .

This moment , there were no lies and acting ….

Miran for the first time in his life was being honest with someone , he was so confused.

Exhausted , he just wanted answers.

Was it possible to answer him honestly ?

To speak from her heart ….

The words poured out from her trembling lips …

” I love You ”

Whispered Reyyan .

” I don’t know hoe or when but ….. I love you ”

At last , he reached his goal . Now between his hands , he was touching not only Reyyan’s body, but he had her heart and soul .

Then why this sudden pain inside him ? !

He was supposed to be happy .

To enjoy crushing this girl’s heart between his hands .

But ….

He felt as if he was chocking ….

He just wanted to keep hugging her small body for a long time .

But …

Just yesterday , he was irritated with her because she hugged him .

He doesn’t understand his feelings .

Did he hate Reyyan or not ?!Miran was in a continuous fight with his fickle heart ….

” I love you more , my beauty “

Miran told Reyyan without realizing what was his lips were going to say.

She smiled , put her head on his chest and circled his waist with her delicate hands .

” Today is special , Do you remember why ? “

Reyyan whispered .

” It has been a month since we first met “

Miran smirked

” Yeah , a whole month “

” Do you think …. “

Reyyan hesitated

“Do you think , it’s too soon to be like this ?! “

She asked .

” Soon ?! “

” I wish we had more time to know each other better , I’m so in love with you and I don’t know your favorite color “

Miran looked at her head resting above his heart

” Do you regret us ? ”

He asked in a strange voice .

” No , I don’t !! . Why would you say something like that ?! . But I’m afraid “

” What are you afraid of ? “

Reyyan hesitated before answering . After all , she didn’t know the man she was marrying that much .

She didn’t know his likes , dislikes ….

And the most thing Reyyan hates in the world is the unknown .

Also , Would Miran be loyal to her ? he was so handsome , he could have any woman in the world .

” I’m afraid of everything “

She told him in a small voice .

” Don’t be mad at me , but …. “

She removed her head and looked at him with her dark beautiful eyes .

” I’m afraid you will get bored with me and love someone else . I have this weird felling … Miran !! Why do I feel like I’m going to lose you !! “

The words irritated Miran .

He should have been happy . After all , he had succeeded in making Reyyan fall in love with him.

Then ,

Why this burning inside his heart ? he was supposed to be ruthless, heartless …. merciless.

He was going to destroy her life , damn!

He didn’t deserve such pure feelings from this girl.

Holding Reyyan around her neck , between his arms , he gazed at her eyes . His heart was thundering with pain , refusing the lies he was going to feed her .

” That will never happen. NO ONE out there will get my attention , forget my love , except you . My heart is yours , Reyyan “

Reyyan smiled, and he swore the sun was jealous of his dark beauty .

” Until this moment , I have never trusted anyone . But you ….. My heart trust you , Miran”

Her innocent words like knives tearing his soul apart.

Miran closed his eyes , he didn’t understand the pain he was feeling .

NO ! he couldn’t allow this thing to awaken his buried consciousness .

He didn’t want to be near her anymore. Maybe if she wasn’t looking at him with her innocent doe like eyes , the old Miran would come back .

The one who didn’t blink , while shattering this beautiful soul.

Miran held Reyyan small hand between his bigger ones ,

” You need to go now “

Miran continued without realizing , he didn’t want to hurt her with his blunt words.

” If you stay more , I won’t be able to let you “

Reyyan smiled , this was going to be their last separation , then they would marry, and he would never leave her.

” Ok then , I’m going “

Miran touched her smooth cheek , he smiled warmly and kissed her forehead

” Our life together is going to start soon . Just few days and I will be here to take you in your white dress . Then you will be mine , forever “

With these words , he was reminding himself of his revenge . While that pure soul was dreaming of the family she would finally have with the man she loves .

” We will meet soon , my love “

Said Miran while watching Reyyan leave to the mansion.

Miran looked blankly . He would never meet Reyyan again after the wedding . He was already married .

And the same thoughts came back again , he would never look at Gonul the same way he looked at Reyyan . Desire , love and excitement , he wouldn’t feel them again .

When he made sure Reyyan entered the mansion , Miran knew …

There wouldn’t be anyone after Reyyan .

Miran wouldn’t feel happiness after her .

Reyyan was so different from what Miran expected .

In this Revenge game , Miran experienced feelings like never before , he felt love for the first time in his life.

If he met her in normal conditions , he would have loved her so much .

Unfortunately , All this was just a game and Miran wasn’t the prince of her fairy-tale , he was the devil with a soul full of desire for revenge .

Reyyan was the daughter of his enemy , her father was the killer of his dad .

Also, Miran was already married to another woman , not Reyyan .

From the start , their love story was impossible.

His whole life , nothing was impossible as Reyyan .

If he took a step toward her , life would throw him miles away from her side .

She was the forbidden apple of Miran’s heaven .

At any moment , Miran gave her his heart , he would burn .

When he reached the hotel , Miran stopped .

He would never be a husband to Gonul , Nor , he was ready to be a father with her.

Gonul was a burden on his shoulders .

He didn’t love that woman.

He would never love his wife .

Reyyan woke up with Mardin sun .

Whenever she thought about last night , a beautiful smile bloomed on her face.

She couldn’t prevent her heart from thundering whenever she remembered Miran’s beautiful ocean eyes .

The wedding was just days away .

She was so happy , yet at the same time ,…….sad .

After all , she was going to leave the only place she called home , since she was born .

She was going to leave her mother and her brother .

“Good morning , aunt Fatma “ Reyyan said when she entered the kitchen.

“Morning , Reyyan ”

” Mom awake yet ? I haven’t seen her”

“I think , she’s still sleeping “ Fatma said while looking at the beautiful girl .

For days, Reyyan hasn’t been able to look her mother in the eyes , not because of all the words she heard the day before , but , she was sad, and she didn’t like to see her mother like this .

The reason why she was crying in Miran’s arms that day , she heard her mother and step father fighting because of her.

After listening to his harsh words , Reyyan couldn’t breathe . She went running outside the mansion.

When she opened the door , his beautiful eyes were the balm for her wounds .

Miran asked her about the reason of her sadness, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him , her father words were like knives tearing her soul apart.

If she had told Miran , he would have known that she wasn’t the real daughter of Hazar .

Reyyan was adopted .

Havin entered the kitchen , yawning .

Chasing away all her thoughts about her parents fight , Reyyan wanted to spend her last days in this mansion , peacefully .

” I don’t know what happened to that boy ? ”

Dillan Hanim said while looking at Fatma

Havin looked at her mother surprised ” Who are you talking about ? ”

” Azat ! Your brother isn’t feeling well , there is something going on , but he refuses to tell me !”

” He hasn’t smiled for days , my boy face is looking pale , his beautiful eyes lifeless . He came back late , yesterday , again . He won’t eat breakfast , too ”

” Girl ! What if Azat has fallen in love ?” said Fatma

” If so , why won’t he tell me , I will ask for hand today !! ”

On the other side of the kitchen , Reyyan was ok with Azat staying away from home , she has been always afraid of him , but after his fight with Miran , her fear has increased .

At the same time , her aunts’ words made her worried about her cousin . After all , they grow up together.

What is going on with Azat ?!

“Could he be in love as they were saying , maybe it is unrequited love “ Reyyan thought .

But the thought of her being the one Azat’s heart has chosen , didn’t cross her mind

All the family were sitting around the breakfast table .

Their worried eyes looking at the mother of the bride.

Lately , Zehra Hanim was sad all the time , her tears pouring out of her confused eyes.

Even though Miran had promised her to make Reyyan visit them frequently after their marriage , her heart was pounding as if something was going to happen to her precious girl .

Bur Why ?!!

Reyyan was going to marry a great man , from Miran’s looks , she understood how much he loves Reyyan .

Maybe all that was because Reyyan was going to leave her side for the first time since she was born , after all m she was going to live in Istanbul .

She didn’t say a word about her fears in front of Reyyan .

All mothers are like that , even when they are dying from inside , they put a smile on their faces and accept everything for their children happiness .

Time had been flying away , with every minute, Reyyan feelings were getting more complicated .

Just three days until her wedding .

She was happy to finally marry the man she loves , but she had never left this mansion or been away from her mother and brother before.

After breakfast Havin helped her packing her bags .

Reyyan was her best friend , they haven’t been separated from her since they were children .

The mansion wasn’t going to be the same after she leaves to Istanbul .

Bidrehan had been so quite for days , his sister leaving was going to be a huge change for him .

Actually everyone was quite , Fatma , Dillan , Zehra ….

Azat was devastated , even if no one noticed , Reyyan leaving was burning him the most .

Everything was packed except for some suits and dresses.

Each time Reyyan looked at her wedding dress , her heart struggled between happiness and heartbreak .

Her aunt and mother were out visiting some of their relatives.

Only Havin and Reyyan were at the mansion . They were trying to spend the last days for them here together, planning future visits and smiling Havin silly antics .

” Aunt Fatma made cake before leaving , I’m going to get some for us ”

Said Havin while walking toward the door of her room .

10 minutes later ,

Reyyan went out searching for her .

When she reached the stairs , she found herself face to face with Azat for the first time since his fight with Miran .

” Reyyan !”

Called Azat .

” May we talk for 10 minutes , please ”

” Where is Havin ? “ Asked Reyyan pointing her finger toward the kitchen .

Azat took her finger and cuddled her hand between his .

” Don’t worry about her , now ! Let’s talk alone ”

Said Azat moving closer to her .

Reyyan was surprised , Azat had always been cold toward her .

But now ,

He was looking at her differently .

” Then , talk . What are you waiting for “  Reyyan said taking a step back from him .

Azat looked at her beautiful eyes , he was so frustrated , he just wanted to scream and tell her ” I HAVE LOST YOU “

But , he couldn’t do that .

He was ok with burying his feelings as long as she was happy .

” I wanted to apologize for my behavior the previous day “

Reyyan looked at him open-mouthed , she was shocked , Azat was apologizing to her …

Azat NEVER apologize to anyone .

” Why are you apologizing ? “

” I know , you must be angry with me . I was wrong that day at the shop “

Azat didn’t really regret hitting Miran , but , Reyyan was leaving for Istanbul soon . He didn’t want her to go angry with him .

” I shouldn’t have hit him like that ”

He tried smiling .

” I lost my temper . Couldn’t control myself that day . But you are now leaving …”

Azat was breaking his heart with every word and fake smile .

” You are taking my heart with you , burying my soul with every unsaid word . You would never know how much I love you , you are going and leaving me a shell here ”

He wanted to tell her all that , but ….

He couldn’t .

” Don’t go while you are angry with me . I’m sorry , I was wrong . I don’t know when I’m going to see you next , Please forgive me , Reyyan “

” No ! Don’t say that . You are my brother , we grew up together . Even if I want to , My heart can’t be angry with you “

Reyyan voice was shacking , she didn’t know why Azat words made her heart ache .

Tears started pouring from her dark eyes .

Azat moved fast toward his room , if he stayed any longer , he wouldn’t be able to control his love , he couldn’t tolerate her tears.

With every sob , Azat’s heart was shattering , he didn’t mean to make her cry .

When he reached his room , he closed his door forcefully and put his head against it .

Azat was crying ….

The angry , cold , rude and proud man had finally submitted to his hearty and accepted his lose .

He had lost her , Reyyan , his love ……

” Don’t cry …. Never cry , my beautiful dream , be always happy , may sadness and heartbreak never Knock on your doors “

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