A Month at a Cancer Center .

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” Najwa Zebian

Life is all about moments ,  how you live them , what you feel through them , how you store them and how you smile or even cry when you remember them …….

On Sunday the 1st of July 2018 , I started my voluntary work at King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman , Jordan  …….

New experience , new people and small beautiful but sick children …..

I was so hesitant before talking to them , playing with them even touching them ,I was so afraid from hurting them ……

But slowly as the fragrance of a beautiful rose they spread their cute love inside my heart , I really loved them , Maria , Talen , Osama , Heidi and all the children …..

Learnt a lot from them , how to smile even though there is  literally nothing to smile about , how to be strong even though  Life and circumstances try to get you down continuously and how to love and hope even through the  darkest time …..

Cancer is so bad BUT it is not the end of the world , that’s what they all spread by their beautiful smile and amazing talk …….

I also worked with GREAT people , every volunteer has a different character but we all were helping each other, laughing , playing with children and encouraging each other ….

I have learnt a lot from you guys , So even though you might not read this , but Thank you , you are awesome  people …..

I will be always thankful for Allah for giving me this opportunity to love ,live and hope …..

May Allah bless you and give you health , always …..





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