How To Grow your Instagram Account..

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cameringo_20190904_163555_polarr 1I have been On Instagram since 2017, Created multiple accounts 😛 , took a lot of photos and started from scratched four times.

But Last year I made it a goal  to figure out the Instagram game and learn about different social Media platforms management and I will be sharing with you whatever tips and tricks I learn , as I try to grow my Instagram account this year.

From My Journey So far , I can give you these tips that I hope will help you , If you are just starting your Account or If you feel frustrated with all the Instagram algorithm :

  1. cameringo_20190904_170705_polarrFocus On Your Content. Be Yourself. And Stop looking at the biggg Accounts 😉 : People will follow because of YOUR CONTENT , your unique experiences , try to post things you believe others will benefit from , or will entertain them. Don’t try to copy other account’s content or style. Simply , Make Your Account reflects your identity.
  2. Don’t be Shy : Interact with other people , your followers , Like their posts , comment and tell them your opinions. Make New Friends.
  3. Your followers like to know more about YOU , Your journey , life, experiences : USE your Instagram Story , tell them about how you spend your day , what are you currently reading , where are you going today.
  4. cameringo_20190906_154851_polarrPost Frequently : Consistency  is a key for the Instagram Algorithm , posting daily (or as much as you can) will help you grow your account fast and organically.
  5. Don’t obsess with numbers : again focus on your content , what makes you happy , what makes your followers happy rather than focusing on the number of followers.
  6. Your Captions ARE Important : It’s not always About photos , If you have things to tell people , Important and beneficial Information , they will read your captions and will want to read more of your posts.
  7. cameringo_20190904_164742_polarrCheck out Your analytics : Your Insights are very important , they give you information about (How your posts are doing , Which posts people are more interested in , The hours when your followers are most active , the days when your followers check Instagram the most …) ** But you need to make sure Your account is a business or creator account before you get the Insights option.
  8. Use Your Hashtags Wisely : You have the option of using up to 30 hashtags , use 2 or 3 popular hashtags and the rest try to choose Hashtags that have to 100,000 photos , not more. That will for sure Increase the reach of your photos.
  9. cameringo_20190904_161726_polarrOrganize contests and Giveaways : after every millstone you reach , try (If you have the ability) To thank your followers by organizing a giveaway they will be interested in.
  10. Collaborate with other accounts : for shout-out sessions or anything that will benefit you and your followers.


Tell Me Guys , Did you like this type of posts ? Would you like me to post more tips ?

Until Next Time ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

Lana ❤



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