Tips To Start Your Semester Off Right

Untitled design (1)Hey All , It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post related to medical school ( Or studying In general ) But As You Will Read – I think On Sunday In my New blog post  😛 – I’m starting a new semester Next Week , SO I thought Why Not Write About My Routine When Starting A new Semester and Give You Some Tips I ‘ve found Helpful Over the years  🙂


Untitled design (2)1. Organization :

I always Start By Cleaning My Room , Study Space And Desk , Getting rid of all the previous semesters Material Which I won’t be needing anymore and Preparing My Desk For the new Semester .

Organizing My PC , By Moving the Previous Semester Folders and Files From The Desktop and Onedrive to My External Hard Drive . Then Creating  New Folder For Every Course I’m Going To take .

2. Shopping :

Untitled design (4)Well , this is My Favorite Thing to do Before Going back to School 😀 , after Writing Whatever I’m Going To need in the new semester , I go stationery Shopping , I Try As Much As I can to be Minimalist Here 😛 Buying Just The Essentials , As I Usually Take Digital  Notes , I don’t Need Many Pens And Such .

Untitled design (3)In Addition To stationary , I make Sure To Purchase  good and Comfortable Backpack And Pencil Case .

3. Scheduling :

Untitled design (5)Of Course , By this Time , You Would Have Got Your Schedule For The Next Semester . I start By Getting My Planner ( If You Want I can Talk More About The Planner I Personally Design For me In another post  ) , I Mark  Down Every Important Date ( Exams , Papers , Assignments …. ) , In Addition To my Personal Engagements And Important Appointments For The First Month  .

After That I prepare My Daily To Do List ( Also Designed By Me ) .

Untitled design (6)4. Material  Preparing :

For Me , I don’t print out any slides or material Provided by Professors , I  always Print out My Own Notes ( After I study The Concept for the first Time ) , And Add To Them Every important Notes From The Slides and Other Books I use To study from .

But If You Prefer Studying From Your Professors Handouts  , You should print them out before starting your semester . In Addition to , Buying / Borrowing the textbooks You Will need during the semester .

5. Ask Your Seniors :

You should be careful at this Point , Here I’m advising you to ask some seniors you trust about their Experiences , BUT , keep in mind that your journey is unique , yeah you can use some Advice but try as much as possible to do everything in your own style . Because What Works For other doesn’t necessarily  have to work for you .

Untitled design (7)6. Revision and Pre-reading :

This is A very Important Step For me .Because I like to be prepared , One Or two days before the semester Starts , I make sure to have a general Idea about the courses I’m going to take , the concepts , which The professors are going to discuss And Of course , Review all the basic concepts I’ve already studied previously . This Helps me so Much Outlining my Notes before lectures .

Untitled design (8)7. Setting Goals :

Be Courageous ! Start By Defining What Do you want to achieve this semester , Not just In your courses , For example , What Habits You want to change , your diet , Work out …

For me , I Make sure to organize  My blog , Writing , translating , reading and exercising schedules and what I Want to achieve in those fields .

Untitled design (9)8. Self-Care :

I know It’s hard sometimes , Especially When You have so much TO do  (Upcoming Exams , Assignments , Papers , Research … ) But Try TO put yourself First , Develop a good and relaxing self-care routine and schedule time everyday for yourself .

I wish you a great Semester , Full Of achievements , happiness and Knowledge .

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Until Next Time ,

Stay Strong and Change the world ,

Lana ❤

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