How to (Rest. Unwind. Rejuvenate) after a stressful event ….

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imageBreathe …. 

You made it … 

You’ve gone through all that, still you are standing, didn’t give up, didn’t quit …


You are MORE experienced, MORE thoughtful, MORE grateful, MORE you …

Because truly, we find ourselves through trials, failures and experiences.

Life gives us a new challenge every day ; huge exam , financial problem , social argument….I keep going until morning , each one of us has something they are stressing about .

But the important here is , knowing how to relax , unwind and recharge for the next experience .

In today’s post , I’m going to talk with you about how to start fresh every minute :

  1. 97695FB1-F777-4721-82EA-222244B6DFE5-300x300Don’t be sad , no matter what are the results of this experience as long as you’ve done your best , new challenges give you knowledge , growth and wisdom , Keep repeating this … ” Positive affirmations “ is a key here .
  2. c126beb9d35b325f3fc9ffdd2ef7bacf.jpg.max578Low-Stress Exercise : ( Yoga , walking , water aerobics , riding …. )
  3. Focus on YOU : ask yourself what is you really need this moment ; a good cry ?! , someone you love to give you a hug and tell you ” Everything is going to be alright “?! a bubble bath ?! Reading your favourite book ?! A dancing party ?! Listen to your body and soul .
  4. Have a healthy meal : Your diet AFFECTS your mood , Don’t forget this .
  5. Stay away from Social Media : And if you can , Even , Avoiding all electronics is way better .
  6. b550cac43fb4a37ee2f47818250503e9Express your gratitude : by talking or even journaling .
  7. downloadVolunteering

    : You can’t imagine , how much a couple hours of doing something for others , pure kindness , without expecting anything  in return , could affect your soul and heart .

  8. Spend sometime with your family and loved ones.
  9. Smile . Laugh . Watch something funny .
  10. IMG_6422-minNature : Spending even half an hour outside , looking at the sunset or smelling the fresh air , could make all the difference .




As Always , Thank you for reading .

Until Next time ,

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤


**Photos credits : Google.




  1. Staying away from social media for a bit is such good advice for self-care. I had to learn this in the last year. Stepping away to just be with yourself without little dings, pop-ups, and such is so important!

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