Hercai Novel (English Translation ) Ch3 (1)

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Another Chapter of the great novel Hercai -Fickle Heart- , Sorry , For being late in posting this Chapter , But I had a lot of things to do the previous days , didn’t have  free time to translate this chapter .

As It is a Long one , I’ve divided it into two parts , the second part of Chapter 3 will be on my blog at the end of this week .

Before reading Chapter 3 , I advise you to go back and read the previous chapters , so you could enjoy the story more.

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Chapter Three Part (1) : Lies

His Mind was arrested with the lying face of life , with his insane idea .

Her white soul has already been touched with the hand of this bad man , Reyyan , slowly, is starting to become blind , As she said with her own words , she is walking toward the Abyss , Closed-eyes , Ignorant to everything that happens around her .

In the sky , The dark night melodies have started , the wind is blowing , Reyyan couldn’t believe , she is outside the Mansion , At Midnight . 

At last , Miran has been successful in convincing her , she remembered their earlier meeting and thought about their talk , On one side , she is angry with him and his arrogance . But on the other , she finds him so attractive , Thus , she risked herself by going out at this time of the night .

She walked quickly toward the backdoor of the mansion , Tonight the sky was full of stars , Has she done the right thing by going out to meet him ?  even Reyyan, herself didn’t know the answer , Since she met him this morning , she was thinking about the things, she is going to tell him . He has a strange effect on her , she was still arrested by those blue eyes . When she reached home after meeting him earlier , she went directly to Haven and told her about Miran’s desire to meet her at midnight , Haven was more excited than Reyyan , She is now standing at the door , watching out for her .

Reyyan reached their meeting place and looked left and right , No one has come . She didn’t think Miran was mocking her but from all the anxiety she forgot to put something warm on her , the weather isn’t so hot any more , she was shivering from the cold . Suddenly , Someone put  a jumper on her shoulders , she turned around quickly from the fear , When her eyes met Miran’s brilliant blue eyes and because he wasn’t Azat , she sighed with relief , Miran smiled widely , which caused Reyyan’s heart to beat wildly , they waited , not knowing what to say .

“ I hope I didn’t scare you “ , this time Miran was the first one to start talking , While his eyes haven’t left Reyyan for one second , she was looking anywhere but  him , “ No, you didn’t , I was waiting for you, “ said Reyyan while looking at the tree in front of her , “ I thought you wouldn’t come , you surprised me “ instead of answering , Reyyan , embarrassed , gnawed at her lower lip and put her hand around her neck  , she wasn’t breathing . Yeah , she told him , she would never come but since she met Miran , she hasn’t done anything normal , her excited heart was thinking instead of her brain . Raising her eyes , she looked at Miran and felt her heart beating out of her chest , This man has the ability to kill just by his eyes . Reyyan had many questions , that’s why she risked meeting him , she wanted answers . A man who lives in Istanbul , what is he doing here in Mardin ? Why did he choose her for marriage ?  Miran was the only one who could answer her , but she was too shy to ask him , she resigned herself to silence again .

“ Are you in love , Reyyan ? “ he asked suddenly , flustered , Reyyan didn’t know what to say , she wasn’t in love but should she tell him ? “ No , I’m not “ she said in a small and steady voice .

Good … Miran loved that answer , he looked at Reyyan’s shy face and walked toward her , there was a special excitement in crossing the lines , he touched Reyyan’s chin and turned her face toward him, Reyyan was shocked while Miran was watching her again with his unexplainable looks . When he gazed at her Black eyes ,unknown feelings were taking place in his heart , But the revenge desire was burning in his dark heart more and more .

Reyyan’s face is small , her lips and nose too , but she got  huge eyes , strong and dark , It was impossible not to be affected by her . When Miran took the decision to marry her , he thought her opinion would be unimportant , for him it was enough to take his revenge on her father without talking to her even once , But Gradually , he found himself interested in her . Anyway , everything was part of the revenge game , a bloody , dirty game ….. Then why not enjoy her too ? …

“ Why do you want to marry me ? “ asked the shy girl who was shivering like a piece of paper , Miran didn’t expect that question what would he say ? “ you are the most beautiful part of this game “ he couldn’t tell her that “ I want to marry you because ….” he left his hand from Reyyan’s chin, leaned on the tree behind him and smiled “ you want to marry me because …..? “ she asked exacerbated , Miran kept smirking …

“ I fall in love with you “ If he said that  would it be too much? , it wouldn’t but It would be entertaining for Miran .

“Since the first time I saw you , you were always on my mind and you know I admire your father “ he told her without any concern , Reyyan was standing confused in front of him , Did he say stupid words ? 

Reyyan was going to laugh , that was the most stupid reason to marry , If the man in front of her was anyone from Mardin , she would laugh at him , but she couldn’t understand why would a man like him come from Istanbul to Mardin to marry ? he wasn’t ugly , on the opposite actually , he is so handsome , in a way that steal the mind , and he is  rich . When she thought about all that , she finds herself unsuitable to be his wife , there should be something else he wants from this marriage .

“Are you buying a thing from the mall , Miran ?” when she said his name at the end , she nibbled at her lower lip , as if her tongue got burned from it “ We are talking about Marriage , about having  each other for the rest of our lives and you are telling me you saw and liked me ? “ Miran didn’t expect this reaction , the girl is so smart and strong not like her family . 

But he wouldn’t  fall for Reyyan words , He has a revenge to take  “ Is there any way to reach you  other than marriage ? “  he asked her , there wasn’t , she knew that .

“ Here isn’t Istanbul , else , I too wanted to meet you and spend beautiful time with you , I don’t know why you are so afraid , all I know is that there are no borders or countries in love and the person can’t ignore his own heart “

She was looking at him with her sceptical looks again , “Have you called me here just to say that ? “ 

She still hadn’t changed her mind .

“ I told you I want to know you , What do you want me to say ?” he came closer to her and tried to touch Reyyan’s hair “And you will be my wife soon , Right ?” she turned away , The word “Wife “ made Reyyan feels things again , as if a bomb had blown in her heart and destroyed it , How could a word made the person so excited ? was it strange , Painful ? does she want him or not ? her feelings were so complicated , she couldn’t solve  “ that wasn’t my choice “ she lowered her eyes “no one asked me If I wanted to marry you “ 

Miran didn’t have any idea , he thought Reyyan has accepted to marry him “ Sorry , I didn’t know “ 

Maybe he could use that knowledge to impress Reyyan , It was a Risk but he was so confident .

“ If you don’t want to marry me , this thing won’t go on , Forced marriage isn’t for me , but I think I deserve a chance “ when Reyyan looked at him confused , he went to the kill …

You have until tomorrow , think carefully , If you still don’t want me , I promise , I will end this engagement “ 

“How are you going to know my answer ? “ 

“I will send Gonul to your Mansion tomorrow’s evening “ 

“ Is she your real sister ? “ Miran nodded “ she is younger than me with two years “

Reyyan didn’t know how much they had spent here , When she remembered that Haven was waiting for her at the door , she told him, “ I’m cold , I have to go “ When he nodded , she went on her way without saying a word . 

“ Some events happen to the person  once like , death and love , you can’t run away from death but you can, from love . And if you do , You will live your life empty “

Reyyan’s blood froze in her vessels , Miran words scared her , Is this thing between them …..Love ? 

Love ….. Love is a whole new world , People who find real love are lucky .

She kept walking without looking behind her .

When she reached the mansion , she noticed Miran’s jumper was still around her , she looked toward the tree again , but Miran wasn’t there , she took it off and entered the Mansion . Haven was still at the door , They closed the door and ran to Reyyan’s room . They took a deep breath , what they had done was really dangerous , If Azat or Bedrihan have caught them ,they would have been In a big problem .

Reyyan sat down at her bed still clutching the jumper between her fingers , Haven flicked the lamp on , and sat down in front of Reyyan .

“What did you talk about ?” Haven’s excitement increased Reyyan’s blushing “ We didn’t talk much “

She was just looking at Miran’s jumper “ I feel strange Haven , there is a feeling inside me I can’t describe , even in my heart “

After swallowing she looked at the window “ Miran is ……..different “  Haven put her hand on her mouth Shocked “ don’t say , You have fallen in love !” 

Reyyan said frowning “ Don’t be ridiculous Haven  , Love isn’t that simple , it shouldn’t be , I don’t know the man “ 

“ But Uncle knows him for a long time , tell me : If Miran is a bad man , would he give you to him ? a man he doesn’t know or trust …..” 

“ He told me , I’m always on his mind “ Reyyan said smiling warmly , She had mocked Miran when he said so , But the words were beautiful .

“ You are so beautiful , all of Medyat is burning for you “ Reyyan Couldn’t prevent herself from laughing at Haven words and excitement .

This Night , she won’t be able to sleep , she went to meet a man she didn’t know and now he became all of her life , mind , thoughts and most importantly , her heart .

When he came to her mind , her heart beats so fiercely , “ You will be my wife “  his words were circling in her mind . How she could give him an answer tomorrow ? 

She threw the sweater on the bed “ I told Miran I don’t want to marry him “ , “ WHAT ? are you crazy , girl ?! “ Reyyan watched Haven’s Reaction “ and he told me : he deserves a chance , he gave me until tomorrow to take the final decision “ 

“ Reyyan , you won’t say No , you won’t refuse him ?! “

“ His sister will come tomorrow to take my answer “ 

“ ARE YOU GOING TO SAY NO ,, REYYAN ? “ reyyan looked angrily at the afraid eyes in front of her

“ Are you that desperate to get rid of me ? “ When she threw the pillow at Haven they started laughing together .

After the long talk with Haven , When the Dawn has started , Reyyan Left herself to sleep . But when she noticed Miran’s jumper on her bed , she smelled it and her heart constricted . Was Miran’s Smell always this beautiful ? this peaceful ? . She closed her eyes , but with every beat her heart whispered Miran .

10 Days Later …..

“Dilan , have you got the meat out the freezer ?” Fatma asked running to the stove to check out the Sherbet “ Dilan , Girl , where have you gone ?”  Havin answered her “ Fatma Hanim , Don’t Panic , She is at the door .”  

“ Has Anyone called for me ?” entered the young girl to the kitchen , smiling . Today , Reyyan and Miran  engagement is going to be held here at the mansion . That’s why all the ladies in the mansion were so anxious , they have been preparing for a long time .

Reyyan was busy , cleaning the lounge , When Elif came .she left with her to her room .

 Elif , Reyyan’s cousin , her friend at school and best friend .

While they were climbing the stairs , asked Reyyan “ When is my aunt coming ? “ Elif shrugged , Indicating that she didn’t know . “ she is at home , preparing some things , she will come when she is done “ .

Reyyan and Elif graduated high-school last year , directly after , Elif started studying at the university in Istanbul , her father didn’t burden her with the marriage concept.

When they entered the room , Reyyan opened her closet and showed Elif her new clothes . Elif hesitated , she didn’t know what to choose for Reyyan , Her bed was full of clothes , there were many beautiful dresses in every color , Reyyan could wear any one and look pretty . 

Reyyan was thin with average height , she was really attractive .

Elif picked up a powder-colored shirt “ Reyyan , wear this with a black skirt , you will look amazing , in my opinion “ 

Reyyan took the shirt and stood in front of the mirror “yeah ,I think so too” 

Elif sat down on the chair beside her , put her hands on her cheeks “ I’m so curious about Miran “ 

A beautiful smile bloomed on Reyyan’s face , When she hears Miran’s name , she couldn’t stop the warm feelings  inside her .

She remembered the previous days , she wanted to say No , but the idea of losing this man who entered her life so suddenly , was terrifying. When Gonul came to the Mansion , Miran sent to Reyyan a huge pocket of roses with her , Reyyan  took them from Gonul , shyly .

Between the red roses , there was a note , he wrote in it the same words he told her the night before

 “ Some events happen to the person  once like , death and love , you can’t run away from death but you can, from love . And if you do , You will live your life empty “

Reyyan fell for him, she couldn’t resist his charisma , she said Yes , Reyyan accepted to marry Miran .
Elif pointed her finger at Reyyan , accusing , “ you are smiling!  “ Reyyan’s smile grew bigger and warmer , her love is obvious on her face , “ When you see him tonight , you will know why I’m smiling …..”

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