How I annotate my Books ? “Active Reading”

Follow Bibliomedico (7)FullSizeRender (2)Many of you has requested this post from me and here I am . 😀

I’m sure some of you when they read the title were shocked :O

” Lana ! What a monster !! How could you write and highlight your books intentionally ?!”

For me , reading books is exactly the same as visiting new places . There are going to be moments which I want to mark-up and save for late.

Books are treasures . We are blessed , as bookworms , with our love of reading , then why not maximize the benefits of this passion !!

Annotating your books ” Active reading “, give you deeper understanding of the topics discussed in the books .

tumblr_inline_nzjessYiPG1stiq0s_1280Also , you would be able to come back to your favorite passages , useful facts and beautiful quotes .

Since I started annotating my books , I’m easily able to remember the stories and even small details .

It helps me tremendously in improving my languages skills and writing my reviews.


Active-Reading Now For my annotating technique :

1. highlighters to mark up my favorite quotes .

2. Pencil to write my comments .

3. Sticky taps to mark up my favorite scenes .

4. Sticky notes to write all the additional information / explanation I search for while reading .

And that’s it 😀


What about you guys ? Do you annotate your books ? Are you OK with people writing on their books ? 

P.S : All the pictures were taken from Google . I forgot to take photos for this post 😛 .

As always , Thanks for reading .

Until Next Time.

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤

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  1. Sometimes I tab the pages of my books, but usually I write all my annotations in a seperate journal, with reference to page numbers. 🙂

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  2. I’ve never annotated on a book before, I’ve never even written more than just my name on a book. But if you look at my Kindle, it’s filled with highlights and bookmarks and all kinds of annotations. When I have a physical book and I want a remember something I take a picture of it. Is that too weird? 🤣 I can’t even tell anymore.

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