Hercai Novel (English Translation ) Ch4(2)

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Chapter Four Part (2) : The Wedding Dress

In The Evening , When All the Sanoglu men came home, The dining room was ready for the guests , The only missing member was Miran , they were waiting for him to have dinner together . They Heard the knock on the door and Bedrihan opened it for Miran , while Azat Went to his room immediately , Since the incidence in the shop , he didn’t like Miran at all , although the burning sensation in his heart started since he asked for Reyyan hand , but all that intensified when he saw him in that shop close to her .

Reyyan noticed Miran while she was ascending the stairs , she gazed at him for a long time , he was getting more handsome day after day , she wanted to hug him and keep his beautiful smell with her .


Miran couldn’t prevent the smile that bloomed when he saw Reyyan , and without anyone noticing him , he winked at her . 


Her Heart was dancing from happiness .


On the other hand , Miran’s Patience was ending , he has to finish  this fake marriage issue .

 he faked his need to go to istanbul for work as a step in his revenge plan .


All of them took their places at the dining table ,everyone was smiling except for Azat .

He glared at Miran with anger , his eyes were always on Reyyan and him , When he noticed Reyyan secret smiles while looking at miran , His anger multiplied , he didn’t recognise the cause behind his irritation and rage .

After finishing dinner , Delan and Havin cleaned and organised everything while everyone else went to the hall to drink the coffee which Reyyan had prepared .

Miran and her father were talking , she sat beside them and listened to their talk , her father looked so happy with Miran , he had chosen a great husband for her , by doing that , he was fulfilling his last duty toward his step-daughter . Miran was perfect , Reyyan will always be happy with him .

Miran put his coffee cup on the table and looked at them all , he was going to talk about the main subject he came to discuss , 

He wanted to marry Reyyan as soon as possible , but he had to have  Hazar’s permission first ,

“As all the wedding preparations are ready , do you mind if we married within this month ? “

Hazar looked as if he was going to refuse , which angered Miran  more and more . 


Hazar watched Miran Face as his Expression darkened , he smiled and looked at his wife , Zehra Hanim Eyes were sad as if she wanted to extend this engagement period more , but after all she is A mother , she won’t be ready to leave her daughter ever and he recognised Miran’s need to go back to Istanbul for Work .

“ OK , you can arrange the wedding to take place at the end of this month “

Hazar told him smiling .


Miran was really happy , but Reyyan was so confused , she just knew him since last month and now they will be married at the end of this month . Two months are very short as an engagement period.

She will live in a new city , with new family and in a new world . She was so nervous and anxious .

Today was the 6th of this month , she just have 24 days until her marriage .


She won’t be able to see her mother whenever she wants ,  or spend crazy time with Havin , she will miss Badrihan so much too . She took a deep breath  , she can deal with all that too .

When she raised her eyes , Miran was already looking at her and smirking .

“Then let us go tomorrow and schedule a day for the marriage” he said while looking at Hazar .


Hazar nodded and said “You can come tomorrow and take Reyyan with you “

Miran smiled fakely , it was so strange that Hazar gave his permission this easily .

Although he has been preparing for this revenge for years , but he didn’t think about  possibility of Reyyan not being the real daughter of Hazar.


“ Of course “ then he looked at Reyyan “ I will be here tomorrow morning “ 

“ Don’t come alone “ 

Miran smiled at Hazar words “ Don’t worry My Mother will join us “ 

At that moment Nergis Hanim nodded assuring them of her presence tomorrow .

Everything was going according to Miran’s plan , he looked at Reyyan and his heart started beating furiously again , whenever he looks at her loving glances , he became mad with delightion , he wasn’t stealing her life only , he took her innocent heart too . Tomorrow , the countdown will start for the wedding day .


With Miran’s innocent and loving expressions , no one doubted his intentions . He had planned everything perfectly , faking a new Miran . 

Except for Azat everyone in this family loved and accepted him .


“ It’s too late , we will take our leave now” with Hazar permission , they left the Mansion .

Reyyan smiled  , she will sleep peacefully tonight , she is going to be with Miran  tomorrow .




Today , he will take the first step toward his ultimate goal ,  he will finally be with Reyyan .


Miran woke up early , he changed his clothes , he was wearing casual clothes , blue jeans with tight black shirt , while he was combing his hair , Gonul was watching him and smiling “ You look handsome as always,” Miran smiled at her “ if you are ready , let’s go “ he told her , “ I’m ready “ .

They left the hotel together .

Miran Opened the car’s door for Reyyan , as a gentleman . Gonul smirked at his actions ,after all  she knew the real miran. 

Reyyan wanted to look at his eyes so much , but she was really  shy and embarrassed .


It has been 10 minutes since they left the mansion , everyone was silent , while Miran was driving .

Reyyan looked at Medyat beautiful sceneries , when she felt a touch on her cheek . Miran was going to kill her from excitement today .

She looked at him , Miran was smiling beautifully , Reyyan smiled too . 

“ Have I told you How beautiful you are today  “ 

Reyyan Bite her lower lip , she was embarrassed , “ Thank you “ she said trembling and looked back at the window . She was so angry at her shy personality .


Gonul from the back seat said sarcastically “ Relax Reyyan , You should be comfortable with us , you will be a part of our family soon “ 

Reyyan smiled at her.

When they reached their destination , Miran told her “ come with me “ 


Reyyan got out of the car without waiting for Miran to open her door , she was really excited .

When she looked at the man beside her , she noticed his extended hand , she hesitated , this man is going to be her husband soon , but she was really shy to hold his hand . Also , when the thought of Azat seeing them like this came to her mind , she told Miran “ Could we not hold hands here , people ….” Miran ignored her and took her hand . This man has no limits .  


While they were walking , Reyyan looked at him , sometimes she feels like she knew him for years , but other times , he feels like a stranger .

“ Give me your identity , Reyyan , I will arrange everything “ 

Miran words woke her up from her thoughts .

Reyyan gave him her identity , Miran left her hand slowly and entered the room. She sat down at a chair near by and waited .

She had always wished to live here in Mardin when she got married , but now her time here is limited .


When Miran left the room , she got up and met him , “just 15 days “ he said smiling 

“And You will be mine “ 


“ That was  so fast “  again Miran smiled at Reyyan’s reaction .

He had been smiling with her , more than he ever smiled in his entire life .

Would he be able to smile again after this Revenge game …….


Reyyan didn’t give Miran The chance to open her door again . 

But the fake smile hadn’t left his face , he looked at Gonul “ Everything is ready now “ 


Reyyan couldn’t understand the meaning behind his words and glances toward Gonul , when she noticed that they weren’t going toward the mansion , she asked them “ Where are we going now ?” 

Miran winked at her “ when we reach there , you will understand “ 

She was really happy but at the same time frustrated with her embarrassment.


The Market was crowded today , Miran parked and they left the car . he was walking in front of them while she and Gonul were behind him , she couldn’t take her eyes from him , everything about him was attractive , his walk , smile , hands …..


“The places here are really beautiful “ murmured Gonul  .

The streets were narrow and the houses were small but beautiful . She was astonished when she noticed Many people riding donkeys .

“ why are they riding Donkeys ? are they that much poor ? “ Reyyan smiled at Gonul’s expression ,       “ The streets in Mardin are really narrow , the cars can’t go through them , that’s why they use donkeys for transportation “

“Actually , I liked those shops so much , I didn’t expect to love Mardin at all “ Said Gonul .

Reyyan frowned when  she heard Gonul “ Is this the first time for you in Mardin ? “ she asked , after all Miran and Gonul mother was from here .

Gonul noticed her mistake , she blushed furiously , especially when she saw Reyyan serious expression , she didn’t know what to say , “ When mother left here , I wasn’t born yet , we also came here many times when I was young , but I don’t remember anything . “ 


“ oh , I understand “ Their situation was strange , Miran knew every place in Mardin while his sister didn’t remember anything , she felt weird but still  smiled at Gonul .


Gonul took a deep breath , she almost destroyed everything .


“ it will be difficult for me to leave Mardin “ said Reyyan sadly “ I don’t anything outside this city “ 

“ you will love Istanbul too , you are starting a new happy life “ it was so hard convincing another person with a lie you don’t believe .


She got distracted while talking with Gonul , when she raised her eyes and looked at the shop they stopped at . She was surprised and afraid again , Why did they come here ? , she stopped at the entrance while Miran entered the shop. Gonul touched her shoulder “ Come with me “  .


“ Why Did We come here again ? “ asked Reyyan . 

Gonul smiled sarcastically, “ You are so funny Reyyan “ , “ Let’s go inside “ 

Miran was talking with the shop owner who gave him a large box .


Miran took the box and looked at Reyyan , he walked toward her .

She took it and looked inside … , she smiled 

It was the Bendali she liked the last time , she looked at Miran “ Thank You “ 

“ What did you think ? You like something and I wouldn’t get it for you ? “  Reyyan smiled lovingly 

“ I thought you forgot about it “ , “ You were wrong “ With every word Miran was looking at her with fake love , he couldn’t believe she fell into his trap this easily  ….

They left the shop and went to a nearby restaurant for lunch , Miran and Reyyan sat beside each other and Gonul in front of them .

When The Food came , Reyyan couldn’t eat anything from excitement , 

Is she going to marry this Man for real ? 

“ Don’t you like it ? “ Asked miran , “ I’m actually not hungry “ Smiled Reyyan .

The butterflies inside her won’t allow her to eat anything now . Every time she looks at his blue eyes , she loses her breath .


Miran couldn’t eat too as he was looking at Reyyan . She was exceptionally beautiful , Unique and so innocent , Whenever he looked at her , his heart desire burned more and more .


When they left the restaurant , the evening was near , Reyyan had to go to the mansion , He didn’t want that , but he had to . The wedding day was near , he would have her at last .


He stopped the car in front of the mansion , “ Wait inside the car “ he told Gonul .

Even though Reyyan didn’t talk much with him as she was so nervous , but she was really happy  spending time with Miran . She Loved him with all her heart .


When he knocked at the main door , without giving Reyyan Any indication , He took her face between his palms , kissed her forehead and breathed  her warm scent .

Was it normal to have a sweet and beautiful  scent like this ? ! 

“ I want to wake up every morning with your scent “ he whispered.


Reyyan was sure she was going to faint , she looked at him with rosy cheeks , when the door opened , she asked him “ Do you want to enter ? drink some coffee ? “ 
 “ I don’t want to leave alone in the car “ Reyyan nodded and closed the door while looking at him “ Good bye “

When he heard the sound of the door closing , the fake smile disappeared from his face.

With every day he was deceiving this family and Reyyan  more and more but his heart was losing its mercy and consciousness too . 


Everything was perfect , his heartless plan was going step by step , exactly as he had always wanted , but he had added this dangerous fake love to this equation , by stealing Reyyan’s heart he will leave unforgettable memories , he won’t mark her body only , but her heart too …. 

But Miran didn’t notice , some of his actions weren’t for Revenge : Like his desire to smell her hair ,  to smile at her , like his burning desire when he looks at her dark eyes .

Miran wants Reyyan Madly …..


When they reached the Hotel , Miran was in the elevator but when he looked , Gonul wasn’t with him .  Ahh , This damn woman ! Where did she go ? 

Anyway , he didn’t care …

When he reached his room , he looked at his aunt’s room , he didn’t want to disturb her now .


While he was taking his shirt off , Gonul entered the room looking pale and Angry .

“ Miran “ she said loudly .


He raised his eyebrows sarcastically , “ What happened ? “ he smirked , “ Don’t tell me you are jealous from Reyyan “ 


Gonul was going crazy with this revenge plan , she started screaming and hauling everything in the room at him .


Miran had had enough of her childish actions , he  walked toward her with rage in his eyes .

“ I told you , I can’t share you with another woman, “ she said in a broken voice “ I’m watching you falling in love with Reyyan “ she was sobbing and screaming . “ you are killing me , do not you see ? “ 

She looked at the heartless blue eyes …

“ I’m your Wife , not Reyyan “ 










Until next Part ,

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤jj



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