Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch6(8)

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Chapter 6 Part (8): Meeting of the souls.

“Good morning , aunt Fatma “ Reyyan said when she entered the kitchen.

“Morning , Reyyan ” 

” Mom awake yet ?  I haven’t seen her” 

“I think , she’s still sleeping “ Fatma said while looking at the beautiful girl .

For days, Reyyan hasn’t been able to look her mother in the eyes , not because of all the words she heard the day before , but , she was sad, and she didn’t like to see her mother like this .

The reason why she was crying in Miran’s arms that day , she heard her mother and step father fighting because of her.

After listening to his harsh words , Reyyan couldn’t breathe . She went running outside the mansion.

When she opened the door , his beautiful eyes were the balm for her wounds .

Miran asked her about the reason of her sadness, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him , her father words were like knives tearing her soul apart.

If she had told Miran , he would have known that she wasn’t the real daughter of Hazar .

Reyyan was adopted . 

Havin entered the kitchen  , yawning .

Chasing away all her thoughts about her parents fight , Reyyan wanted to spend her last days in this mansion  , peacefully .



” I don’t know what happened to that boy ? ” 

Dillan Hanim said while looking at Fatma

Havin looked at her mother surprised ” Who are you talking about ? “

” Azat ! Your brother isn’t feeling well , there is something going on , but he refuses to tell me !” 

” He hasn’t smiled for days , my boy face is looking pale , his beautiful eyes lifeless . He came back late , yesterday , again . He won’t eat breakfast , too ” 

” Girl ! What if Azat has fallen in love ?” said Fatma

” If so , why won’t he tell me , I will ask for hand today !! ” 


On the other side of the kitchen , Reyyan was ok with Azat staying away from home , she has been always afraid of him , but after his fight with Miran , her fear has increased .

At the same time , her aunts’ words made her worried about her cousin . After all , they grow up together.

What is going on with Azat ?!

“Could he be in love as they were saying , maybe it is unrequited love “  Reyyan thought .

But the thought of her being the one Azat’s heart has chosen , didn’t cross her mind 

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