Blogger Interview ( Shalini : Book Rambler )

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Welcome to a new episode of Bibliomedico Interview series  , Today We have a special Blogger , Shalini ( Book Rambler ) with her Aesthetic photos , Fantastic Content and generous heart ,  accepted my invitation to ask her some questions about her blogging Journey and love for books .

Thank you Shalini and Welcome To Bibliomedico Edited1fb72f3f4a4b2eca4c7190edc2401e7a**Tell Us A little About Yourself :

Hi! My name is Shalini and besides rambling about books and posting pictures of them, I love to bake and dance. My full-time job is being a student while my part-time one is talking about books on my blog and Instagram!

**List Three Fun Facts About Yourself that Your Followers Don’t Know :

I love learning languages. I used to have a pet parrot. I am a disaster baker but I don’t care *cries and smiles*

**Talk to us about your love for books ? When Did you start reading ? and What was the first book you’ve ever read ?

I don’t know if this’ll sound cliched or not but I have loved reading since I could form words. My first book was a big hardcover..which was a collection of various fairytales. I love the vintage-y feel of the book, filled with illustrations along each consecutive page.

**When Did You Start Your Blogging ( On Instagram , Blog and Other Social Media ) Journey ? And What Inspired You ?

I started my book blog and bookstagram at the same time. Honestly? It was a spur of the moment decision. I loved books so much and wanted to connect with others who felt the same.

Screenshot_20191018-194344**You have a beautiful  #Bookstagram , How much time do you spend taking your photos ?

First of all, thank you so much! It always brings a huge smile on my face when I hear these lovely words. Creativity needs muse and appreciation; the later sometimes feels lacking and is very much needed when I face a creative block. I try to spend the weekend taking photos worth two weeks ahead. Timing depends, sometimes a simple setup can take up too much time when I’m trying to take the perfect shot.

**What is your opinion about the #Bookstagram Community?

It’s a brilliant space for book lovers to share their book photos and opinions. Of course, bookstagram has also given a major advantage to the book publishing industry(that also comes with its negatives). Bookstagram community can be very supportive but it can seem like a struggle at times.

**Your Advice For #Bookstagram Newbies ?

Don’t stress about buying an expensive camera, buying tons of books or book boxes. It can be tempting but you’ve got to curb your urges. Take photos in natural light, then decide how you want your photos to be( download vsco, snapseed). Vsco has tons of free filters to choose from. Set a theme(you can change themes too) and experiment with different photo angles. Follow accounts and try to engage with them as much as you can. Don’t play the follow-unfollow game( you won’t make any friends with that). Don’t copy other bookstagramers but you can use their photos for inspiration(don’t forget to credit them when you do so). I think that’s all I can say for now.

**What do you do, when You want to unwind and Relax after a stressful Day?

I just try to find a bed and sleep. Besides sleeping, I listen to some classical music or watch movies or cozy up with some romances.

**How do you balance everything in your life and find time to share your amazing content?

Thank you again! I struggle a lot with studying, tutoring, putting up content and life in general. I feel guilty about taking hiatuses since I’m an international blogger (and the struggle is REAL). I try to plan out my posts in advance; thank god WordPress posts can be scheduled and there are apps like Planoly for scheduling on Instagram.

**List Three of your favorite Books :

This is a torture-level question for bookworms!! I guess my recent favourites are The Night Circus, Bloodlines series and Serpent & Dove 

**List Three of Your Favorite Authors :

Amy Harmon, Jennifer Armentrout, Ruth Ware

**List Three of your favorite Bloggers:

I have so many favourites( I can’t name just three!!)  

**What is the most difficult part in blogging?

Finding time and gathering thoughts. It takes me more than an hour to write up a blog post and this is without counting the amount of time spent making graphics. Sometimes, I find myself lacking for’s like your brain wants to only say “Read this book! It’s freaking amazing!!” and that’s it. 

EditedThank You again Shalini For your time and precious advice .

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Until Next Time ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

Lana ❤


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