Blog Tour + (Book Review ) Chasing Beverly by Ashlynn Cubbison

Thanks To Xpress Book Tours For giving me the chance to be part of this blog tour . 


Book : Chasing Beverly

Author : Ashlynn Cubbison .

Genre : Fiction , Romance .

Rate : 3/5.

Review In One Word : Ok .


If you read the Blurb Of this Book ( Which I will Add later on ) , you will notice that this book sounds really interesting . And To be honest , the story was intriguing and had a lot of potential .

But What I didn’t like and couldn’t connect with At all , is the writing style . It just wasn’t for me , I like some sarcasm , funny moments , beautiful words in any book I read , But the writing style in this book was like if it was written by a robot , I couldn’t feel the characters, which is really important for me , in order to keep reading any novel .

The relationship between the main characters was fast-paced , the setting was interesting But I didn’t enjoy the mixed storylines , It was as if the author used every romance trope in one book .


ChasingBlurb : 

Two people. One chance to let it all go.  Seeking redemption, Beverly Morgan has spent the last three years building an empire that was someone else’s dream. Devoted to her work, a handful of friends, and an array of charities, she’s been able to lock away her heart and convince herself it’s dead. After an unthinkable tragedy, Beverly should know by now that a single day can change everything.  She can’t run from love forever.  Gavin has it all, a thriving business, phenomenal family, supportive friends, but an hour with Beverly Morgan makes him question his entire life and his own happiness.  She could be exactly what he needs, if she’s brave enough to open up again.

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AshlynnAshlynn Cubbison is a goal-oriented, driven woman, who owns and operates four companies with her husband. They have two beautiful sons together, and although her life is chaotic, fun, full of love and never the same each day, somehow she finds room for writing as well.

Growing up Ashlynn struggled with reading. Then, in her sophomore year of high school, a small seed was planted. After acing a literary test, her teacher looked her square in the eye and said “you’ve been selling yourself short all year. I wonder what you could achieve with some effort.” After delving deeper into books, she discovered Pride and Prejudice, and has been an obsessive reader ever since.

Eventually her love of books translated into writing. She hopes to inspire others, especially children, to find their passion as she did.

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