Blog Tour + (Book Review) The Summer House in Santorini by Samantha Parks.

Hey Beautiful People and Welcome to ( The Summer House In Santorini ) Blog Tour .     ( Many Thanks to Rachel ( Rachel’s Random Resources) for giving me the chance to participate in this cool event ) fpLncd2A

Let me start this post by Reviewing this amazing book ! I’m really excited to talk about it 😀

42385089._SY475_Book : The Summer House in Santorini .

Author : Samantha Parks.

Genre : Women Fiction , Romance , Contemporary .

Rate : 4/5.

Review in one word : Delightful .


I really love this type of books , which is full of vacation vibes , romance and Character’s development .

Our story is all about  new beginnings , Relationships , friends, family , development , trust and love.  We follow the journey of Anna who has always believed her father abandonment had a great effect on her relations with others . At the beginning of the novel , Anna went through a failed relationship and broken dreams . She got nothing left , so she decided to go to Greece and confront her biggest problems .

We follow her adventures in this Greek island . Samantha Parks has done a great job in the descriptions part , her words are lush and visual , While reading , I imagined every detail as if I’m there with the characters .

I loved the characters so much , especially Anna , her development through the book was amazing , how she worked towards change , accepting others , Forgiveness and developing strong relations was so great to read about . The plot was really good , all in all , it was a really entertaining and enjoyable novel .

Parks Writing style is charming , delightful and powerful . How she moved from one scene to the next was really good and connected  , I was so immersed in the story and rooting for the relation between the main couple , it was really interesting  . Waiting for more books from this Brilliant author .

The best thing about this story is definitely the sitting , I’ve never been to Greece , but the author with her details and descriptions got me all excited to visit it one day .

Romance lovers and book lovers in general will for sure enjoy this book . Highly recommended .

Summary : 

One summer in Greece will change everything…

Anna’s running away. From a failed relationship, a dead-end career and a complicated family life. On the island of Santorini, with its picturesque villas, blue-tiled roofs, and the turquoise waters of the Aegean lapping at the white sand beaches, Anna inherits a less-than-picturesque summer house from her estranged father. As she rebuilds the house, she rebuilds her life, uncovering family secrets along the way that change everything. She starts to fall for her little slice of paradise, as well as for gorgeous, charming Niko. Will Anna lose her heart in more ways than one?

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Now let’s know more about this Amazing Author :    Samantha Parks 

hBVmSghASamantha Parks is the pen name of Sam Gale. Her pen name comes from her late grandmother Velma Hobbs nee Parks, who was one of Sam’s greatest role models. Sam was born in North Carolina but now resides in Bournemouth, UK with her husband Alex. She owns a successful marketing company and is enjoying her slow descent into “crazy plant lady” status.

Connect with Samantha through Social Media :  Instagram ///// Facebook ///// Twitter ///// Website 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post .

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Stay strong and change the world .


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