Reading By Moonlight Book Club 

An online book club  started  on  the 1st of January 2018 …..

A place where everyone who loves reading , can read , share their thoughts and meet other book lovers …

We read new books , reread our favorite books and change the world by reading …..

Book Club Rules :

The first and the only rule for this book club is RESPECT …
We are all there ,different people from all over the world …

Yeah! we are different ,but nothing defines the person except for his humanity …..

How does this book club works :

Every month there  is a poll on Instagram  where we choose one book to read , we have all the month to read the book ….

During the month we have  multiple discussions on Goodreads ” the official group ” and on Instagram ….

Every month we also host a giveaway and a challenge ” different challenge each month ” with amazing prizes….

If you want to join :

All you have to do is , going to our Goodreads group  , sending a request and that’s it …

Hope you Join us soon .

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Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤