Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch7(2)

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Chapter 7 Part 2 : The Last Farewell

With all that happening , we shouldn’t forget Gonul .

All night , she didn’t smile , even though everyone around her asked if she was ok , she told them she was sick.

Only Miran and Nergis Hanim knew the real reason behind her condition.

Her eyes were telling the story of her death.

Nergis Hanim were heartbroken with every glance from her , but Miran didn’t care , he even threatened her with his angry glares.

Any woman in her place would lose her mind.

After all , she was attending her husband Henna .

But Miran didn’t even think of her as a woman , forget being his wife !

Gonul knew that she was a horrible human ……

A woman who agreed to force a man who didn’t love her to marry her …..

A woman who stayed silent while Miran planned the downfall and disgrace of another woman …… An innocent girl !!

She didn’t just agree to Miran’s plan , she helped him , too …..

Hoping for his love and acceptance.

Miran had considered every step in his revenge plan but , it didn’t occur to him that Hazar would ask him to marry Reyyan religiously , in front of Imam before their legal marriage .

Hazar asked Miran and Reyyan to follow him to another room in the mansion , where an Imam was sitting .

No matter what Miran planed to do after their wedding night tomorrow , Reyyan was his wife now in front of the eyes of God .

By the end of the night , everyone was tired.

Miran took Gonul and his aunt to the hotel .

Nergis Hanim couldn’t prevent her tears . They were going to burn that innocent soul , tomorrow.

Whenever she thought about Reyyan’s smiling face , her heart broke , they were going to play with her heart and darken her young soul .

God would never forgive her for helping Miran.

Sins ….

The iced heart didn’t know the meaning of feelings and breaking hearts .

The only feeling it understands was …….


Miran fought with his consciousness all night , silencing the screams of his heart.

Everything was ready for tomorrow …

He arranged the fake marriage papers , after all , You could do anything with the power of money.

He had faked his last name ,too .

Reyyan didn’t know him as Miran Karaman .

Hazar would have recognized his family name  and known that Miran was the son of Ahmad Karaman ……

The man who was killed by his own hands ….

Just one more day ….

Then,  he wouldn’t have to wear this mask anymore ….

Unfortunately , Reyyan was going to be the first one meeting the real Miran .

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  1. I have been watching Hercai and if is so different from the book. Thank you for translating it.the story is more interesting in the book. Is it ip to chapter 7 you have translated?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Personally , I prefer the book more than the show . I have translated 7 chapters so far , will try to continue after finishing my third year final medical school exams in September. thanks for your feedback


    • Thank you ! I’m glad you are enjoying this story . I will post the new chapter soon ❤ Make sure you follow the blog to get a notification when I upload it 🙂


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