Hercai Novel (English Translation) Ch7 (1)

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Chapter 7 Part 1 : The Last Farewell.

Miran Should be happy now .

He Should have never felt like this .

Guilty , regretting , as if he was going to lose something precious .

Why was his heart refusing the things he was going to do to Reyyan ?!

Miran was sitting on the couch watching the dark sky .

He always believed in the equity between people , in the importance of justice .

He had been telling himself , that all this game wasn’t just revenge , he was going to take the Justice his father deserved .

Hazar had taken his father from him and now he was going to punish him by taking his daughter , Reyyan , in front of his eyes .

Their Henna Night was the beginning of the end for him .

He didn’t care about all this crowd , their smiles and congratulations .

Miran couldn’t run from his dark thoughts , even while sitting with hundreds of guests .

He was sure now , Azat was madly in love with Reyyan , he didn’t attend any of the pre- wedding functions .

He couldn’t understand why his heart was pounding because of this fact . After all , he was going to leave Reyyan after their wedding night , why did he care so much if Azat loved her or married her after him !!

Everyone  was enjoying this night , Bedrihan had started shooting in the sky following the tradition of weddings in Midyat .

But Miran had always hated guns , whenever he heard the sound of gunshots , his mind always went back to the bloody scene of his father’s death .

He still remembers the coldness of the night when Hazar shot his father , even though he was a child at that time .

Despite his dislike of guns….

Miran forgot that a person could be killed without a single weapon ….

Could be killed while still breathing . 

He watched the happy people around him , mindlessly , Until his eyes stuck on the breathtaking sight of Reyyan .

All night , she had been smiling , sincerely happy , without releasing what was going to hit her tomorrow.

She was so beautiful …

Attractive like a sin ,

Innocent like an angel .

Miran smirked , tomorrow , he was going to take her from this mansion as his bride .

The happiest day in her life would be the day she was going to die.

It would be the end of Hazar and Reyyan .

She wouldn’t be smiling m anymore .

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  1. Hello. Why don’t you continue this novel until the end? I was really enjoying it. Please continue it, I couldn’t find this novel anywhere until I found your blog. Thank you for it.


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