Hecai Novel (English Translation) Ch6(9)

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Chapter 6 Part 9 : Meeting of the souls.

All the family were sitting around the breakfast table .

Their worried eyes looking at the mother of the bride.

Lately , Zehra Hanim was sad all the time , her tears pouring out of her confused eyes.

Even though Miran had promised her to make Reyyan visit them frequently after their marriage , her heart was pounding as if something was going to happen to her precious girl .

Bur Why ?!!

Reyyan was going to marry a great man , from Miran’s looks , she understood how much he loves Reyyan .

Maybe all that was because Reyyan was going to leave her side for the first time since she was born , after all m she was going to live in Istanbul .

She didn’t say a word about her fears in front of Reyyan .

All mothers are like that , even when they are dying from inside , they put a smile on their faces and accept everything for their children happiness . 

Time had been flying away , with every minute, Reyyan feelings were getting more complicated .

Just three days until her wedding .

She was happy to finally marry the man she loves , but she had never left this mansion or been away from her mother and brother before.

After breakfast Havin helped her packing her bags .

Reyyan was her best friend , they haven’t been separated from her since they were children .

The mansion wasn’t going to be the same after she leaves to Istanbul .

Bidrehan had been so quite for days , his sister leaving was going to be a huge change for him .

Actually everyone was quite  , Fatma , Dillan , Zehra ….

Azat was devastated , even if no one noticed , Reyyan leaving was burning him the most .

Everything was packed except for some suits and dresses.

Each time Reyyan looked at  her wedding dress , her heart struggled between happiness and heartbreak .

Her aunt and mother were out visiting some of their relatives.

Only Havin and Reyyan were at the mansion . They were trying to spend the last days for them here  together, planning future visits and smiling Havin silly antics .

” Aunt Fatma made cake before leaving , I’m going to get some for us ” 

Said Havin while walking toward the door of her room .

10 minutes later ,

Reyyan went out searching for her .

When she reached the stairs , she found herself face to face with Azat for the first time since his fight with Miran .

” Reyyan !” 

Called Azat .

” May we talk for 10 minutes , please ” 

” Where is Havin ? “ Asked Reyyan pointing her finger toward the kitchen .

Azat took her finger and cuddled her hand between his .

” Don’t worry about her , now ! Let’s talk alone ”  

Said Azat moving closer to her .

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