Hercai { English Translation } Ch6(4)

Disclaimer : I don’t own any of these characters or storylines , all of them belongs to Sümeyye Koç , the author of Hercai novel , and the publishers of the book , this is just a translation from Turkish to English .

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Chapter 6 Part (4) : Meeting of the Souls 

Reyyan made him forget everything…

The same as all the sins ….. Forbidden things are always attractive for the human nature .

After all , The heart wants what it wants ….

He didn’t want to end this moment or remove his arms from this girl . 

Miran closed her smooth cheeks between his thumbs , she was so beautiful .

Reyyan closed her eyes , her heart was beating  really hard .

” Why do I miss you like this ?  Why this crazy need to see you ? Why YOU? ” 

Asked Miran , lost in her beauty .

This moment , there were no lies and acting …. 

Miran for the first time in his life was being honest with someone , he was so confused.

Exhausted , he just wanted answers. 



Was it possible to answer him honestly ? 

To speak from her heart ….

The words poured out from her trembling lips …

” I love You ” 

Whispered Reyyan . 

” I don’t know hoe or when but ….. I love you ” 


At last , he reached his goal . Now between his hands , he was touching not only Reyyan’s body, but he had her heart and soul . 

Then why this sudden pain inside him ? ! 

He was supposed to be happy .

To enjoy crushing this girl’s heart between his hands . 

But …. 

He felt as if he was chocking …. 

He just wanted to keep hugging her small body for a long time . 

But … 

Just yesterday , he was irritated with her because she hugged him . 

He doesn’t understand his feelings . 

Did he hate Reyyan or not ?!
Miran was in a continuous fight with his fickle heart ….

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