Blogger Interview ( Melissa And Isabel : The Reader and The Chef )

I had the honor to interview my favorite bookstagrammers ( Melissa and Isabel ) From ( The Reader and The Chef ) , If you didn’t know about them Before , You have to read this interview and Follow Them Too , Because their pictures , Posts and Their Love for books are just amazing . 

Thank You Melissa and Isabel For Accepting my invitation For This Interview and Welcome To Bibliomedico


thereaderandthechef profile 2019*Tell us a little about you : 

Hi ! My name is Melissa and I am The Reader from @thereaderandthechef! I am a social media manager, beta reader, bookstagrammer/book blogger and own a bookstagram tour company called MTMC Tours. I run @thereaderandthechef’s account with my sister Isabel, who is The Chef and an actual professional chef in real life! 🙂

*List Three Fun Facts About You that Your Followers Don’t Know :


  • Isabel and I look a LOT alike, we often get confused as Twins and when strangers ask, we sometimes say that we are haha.
  • We are huge kdrama fans! We always binge watch shows and often get huge hangovers thanks to them.
  • I have been book blogging for 8 years! And I think we are close to 4 years on bookstagram.

*Talk to us about your love for books ? When Did you start reading ? and What was the first book you’ve ever read ?

We started reading at a very young age! I believe we were 3 & 4 years old and our first book was “The Little Mermaid.” Of course, that was a children’s picture book but the letters were in cursive so it was quite challenging, yet the first book we ever owned.
However, we did not become dedicated readers until we were 8 & 9 when we first discovered Harry Potter. That’s when we became obsessed and never stopped reading.

*When Did You Start Your Blogging ( On Instagram , Blog and Other Social Media ) Journey ? And What Inspired You ?

What got me, Melissa, into book blogging was The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. I binged the books right after I discovered them and went ahead to find more info on Facebook. I soon discovered the publisher’s page (Harlequin Teen) and while reading the comments, I saw book blogs linking in reviews and content, making me curious about them and eventually led me to finding my first position as a reviewer on a blog. Before my own blog, I reviewed books in two book blogs, but since they were not my own space and I could not review the books I wanted, I decided it was time to have my book blog, which my sister wanted to join in too, and it quickly became!


IMG_20191004_151116*You have an Amazing #Bookstagram , How much time do you spend taking your photos ?

Thank you so much! ♥ It usually takes us about an hour from setting up a photo to posting it online. We take our photos on the daily since that’s the best way for inspiration to strike us. 🙂

*What is your opinion about the #Bookstagram Community ?

We love it! It’s such a positive space because you get to build your own little community within this big community, and talking bookish with our friends and followers is honestly so fun. It doesn’t feel like we are miles and miles apart, when we actually are!

*Your Advice For #Bookstagram Newbies ?

Build your own style/brand. This might be the hardest thing for a #bookstagram that is just starting but trust us, it’s what will make the experience a lot more fun AND easier. Obviously you will start trying out different styles in the beginning, but definitely take into account what you can work with (setups, props, etc.) and work from there. Don’t worry about getting all the fancy props, but definitely get creative. And remember, this is about the community! Interact and make friends, get inspired and HAVE FUN! 😀

Other tips: Play around with editing apps (we use Lightroom) until you find your theme and make sure to switch around hashtags to improve visibility!

*What Do you do, when You want to unwind and Relax after a stressful Day?

Watching Kdramas is usually our go-to way to unwind, but also while midnight snacking that is usually hot chocolate + a pastry. It’s honestly the best medicine for our souls.

*How do you balance everything in your life and find time to share your amazing content ?

I, Melissa, work from home! Since I manage social media accounts (one of them is @yabookscentral), I have learned to come up with a work schedule that allows me to focus on each activity, including @thereaderandthechef! Not gonna lie, I spend all day working and often sleep 4+ hours per day, but I am constantly trying to find ways for my days to not be tough/chaotic.

*List Three of your favorite Books :


  • Harry Potter
  • The Iron Fey series
  • Six of Crows

IMG_20191004_151127*List Three of Your Favorite Authors :


  • Julie Kagawa
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • J.K. Rowling

I switched them up haha!

*List Three of your favorite Bloggers  :

@Paperfury – Cait is amazing, my co-partner in @mtmctours and an author as well!

@OliviaCatastrophe – Love Olivia’s book talks and her Booktube channel is epic, go check it out!

@bookish_mai – I adore Mai’s feed and her constant Fantasy recs! 

*What is the most difficult part in blogging ?

For actual blogging, being consistent/creating written content. Thanks to bookstagram we haven’t been able to focus much on keeping up with the content (but I do plan to come back to it more!)

For bookstagram, the limited time we sometimes get to engage. We want to reply to every single comment and that takes a LOT of time. But it’s worth it because we love to give back to our friends that take the time to visit us.


Thank You so much for Your Brilliant answer and Great advice . 

Hope you have more and more success . 

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That’s all for Today’s Interview , 

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Until Next Time ,

Stay Strong and Change the world ,

Lana ❤

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