Blogger Interview ( Lacey : booklovers for life )

Hey all and Welcome to another Interview On Bibliomedico 🙂

Today , You are going to meet ( If you haven’t already ) one of the kindest , sweetest , most dedicated and brilliant Book Blogger I’ve had the pleasure to follow and interact with through her beautiful bookstagram / Twitter and Blog .

Lacey kindly Accepted my invitation to answer some questions and tell us a little bit about her blogging journey.

Thank You Lacey And Welcome To Bibliomedico !

IMG_0563*Tell Us A little About Yourself :

I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Southern California. I’ve been a reader since forever, starting with YA books and then gradually reading more romances. Romance is my life now and I couldn’t be happier about it!

*List Three Fun Facts About Yourself that Your Followers Don’t Know :

I’m terrified of horror/scary stuff (I once cried after going through a haunted house…).

I did the spicy noodle challenge when it was popular with my best friend and recorded us dying – it’s still on YouTube somewhere.

I’m ⅞ Chinese and ⅛ Vietnamese!

*Talk to us about your love for books ? When Did you start reading ? and What was the first book you’ve ever read ?

My dad would read to me and my sister before we went to bed, which started my love for books.

The earliest book that I can remember picking up for myself is the Chronicles of Narnia series because I had to read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe for school and I wanted to keep living in that world!

But the book that started my love for YA and romance is the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot.

*When Did You Start Your Blogging ( On Instagram , Blog and Other Social Media ) Journey ? And What Inspired You ?

I’ve been blogging since 2013. I’d been following blogs for a while before that, but I realized I wanted a platform for myself where I could share my thoughts on books, so Booklovers For Life was born.

I made my Instagram 3 years after that and mainly focus on that now, along with my new YouTube channel.

Screenshot_20190928-204419*You have an Amazing #Bookstagram , How much time do you spend taking your photos ?

Thank you! I spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes a day taking photos, depending on how inspired I am with the book and how much editing is needed. But captions are a different story 😂

*What is your opinion about the #Bookstagram Community?

I love it! I’ve made life-long friends because of the romance bookstagram community and honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. This community is one of the sweetest and kind-hearted I’ve ever encountered. We all have our ups and downs with the app itself, but the people we interact with make it worth it.

*Your Advice For #Bookstagram Newbies ?

Interact with others, both big and small. Find a community you can relate and join, whether it’s romance or YA or thrillers. There’s always a community out there for you to share your love of books.

*What Do you do, when You want to unwind and Relax after a stressful Day?

Is reading too easy of an answer? 😂

If I want to relax, picking up an old favorite book and rereading usually helps. Or I’ll binge on Simply Nailogical or Bon Appetit videos on YouTube.

*How do you balance everything in your life and find time to share your amazing content ?

As much as I wish I could do it full-time, blogging is very much a hobby so it’s something that I dedicate my free time to. Which means catching up on social media or writing posts in the late afternoon/evening. And if I don’t have free time on a particular day, it’s okay to take a little break from being online too. 

*List Three of your favorite Books :

Kulti by Mariana Zapata, Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh, Bully by Penelope Douglas 

*List Three of Your Favorite Authors :

Excluding the three I mentioned above, Tessa Bailey, Christina Lauren, Penny Reid

*List Three of your favorite Bloggers  :

Jessica @ Peace Love Books, Eliza @ Relentless Romance, the Francesca/Suzanne from Under The Covers Book Blog

cropped-hair-makeup*What is the most difficult part in blogging ?

Finding time to write reviews. I read so much that it’s hard to review everything, so I’ll write a short review on GoodReads to remind myself of my thoughts on that book.

*Have you ever Had to defend Reading Romance ?

Yes, I’ve had to do it during a job interview. I didn’t accept that job offer.

*What Is your Favorite Romance Tropes ?

Second chance romance is my go to. I also looove friends to lovers and forbidden love!

*Recently , You have created Youtube Channel , Tell us a little about The differences between The booktube and bookstagram experiences ?

Both have such wonderful, lovely communities I’m amazed every day at how nice people are when it comes to books and romance. I spend a LOT more time when it comes to creating booktube content than I do bookstagram, because I need to film and edit, which can take hours. I love that I can talk about backlist books that I love on booktube, whereas on bookstagram I focus more on recent and new releases.

Thank You So much Lacey For you time , kindness and Brilliant answers .

Wish you more success in your blogging journey , personal and professional lives . ❤ ❤ 

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Until Next Time ,

Stay strong and change the world ,

Lana ❤

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