Hercai Episode 12 -Season 1 final ( REVIEW) – ( A New beginning or the end )

MV5BYjcyZTM0MjctODQ4YS00OGMyLWEwYmMtN2FlNGRiZGRiODBlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_“Acı, acıyla iyileşir. Aşk ise daha büyük bir aşkla.” Hz. Mevlana 

Tv-Show : Hercai.

Genre : Turkish Drama , Romance.

Episode :12

Rate : 8/10.

Review in one word : disappointing .


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Since the start of this season , I always expected perfect Episodes From Hercai Team , But in my opinion , this wasn’t Season 1 Final that this Great show Deserves . That’s why I ended up disappointing , not because the episode wasn’t good , I’ve given it 8/10 after all , but as I said This Brilliant series Deserved a PERFECT Final Episode .

MV5BNzc2MjgwNzgtNmZiNC00NjAwLThiYWYtNDUyMDA0ZWQxMTYzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_Favorite Scene : I really Loved the scene Where Hazar came and Took Reyyan From Miran , The feelings Ebru and Akin Represented with their awesome acting skills were So emotional and perfect . I loved How Miran Isn’t afraid of his feelings anymore , even though Hazar and his grandmother were present there , He asked even begged Reyyan Not to go back and to stay with him . On the other Hand , I really Loved How Reyyan sacrificed her happiness and love , just to prevent Miran From the pain of choosing between her and Gonul .

MV5BMzdmYTNjYWYtMzgxZC00ODExLWJiZDMtYzlkZTMzM2M4OWUxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_Favorite Side Character : Definitely Azize Played By the talented Ayda Aksel especially in this scene With Miran .

Miran Words , her feelings and Acting , Everything was perfect in this scene .


Favorite Dialogue :

Miran : “I can’t forget … I can’t forget her .. It doesn’t work … It doesn’t …Don’t you understand ?! 

From the first Moment I Saw Reyyan , The Seal On My heart was broken , And As long as I breathe , this heart will not be contained “

MV5BODRmNWFiOGEtNWZhYi00ZDNjLTliMzUtYjIzYjA5NjBlNTFlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_The Ending : This Is the worst Ending of the whole first Season , Everything is still so complicated between them , We haven’t seen Miran Apologizing or confessing his love and regret for Reyyan . It was a bad move from the Writers .


But I have a strong belief , the second season will be more amazing . MV5BMmQ2ZWEyMzgtYjJjNS00NDU0LThhYzctNDg4ZmI3MDA5N2JlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_




You can Watch The Episode here : In turkish // With English Subtitles .

Until Next Time ,

Stay strong and Change the world ,

Lana ❤

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