Reading Harry Potter for the First time #1 (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

As I’ve started my reading journey quit late in my opinion , I was 18 when I read my first book ( The Forty Rules Of Love By Elif Shafak ) , I didn’t get the chance to read the Harry Potter Series , so , last year , I bought all the books and decided to start reading them , Last august I read the first book , in september I read the second one and in October the third book , but I stopped reading them after that as I hadn’t got the time to read due to university work and studying …..

Now , as I have a break until September 22nd , I have a lot of time to complete the whole series , and I will be sharing my experience with you , on my blog through a series of blog posts ….

Hope you enjoy them !


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

“There are all kinds of courage, ‘said Dumbledore, smiling.’ it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends”

A lot of people ask me why I haven’t read Harry potter yet , I mean , I’ve read more than 600 books the last four years and still didn’t finish Harry Potter ?!

The answer is really simple , I fear reading the hyped books , and Harry Potter is more than hyped , It’s a legend , I’m afraid of disappointment , that is the cause of me avoiding most of  the famous books on bookstagram , blogs , Twitter ….. etc .

In addition , I’ve watched some of the movies , so I kinda know the story , that made me less motivated to read the books .

BUT when I read the first book , I was literally speechless :0 , the book is seriously  MAGICAL ❤

Rowling Writing style is absolutely Stunning , the world building , characters , plots , sitting ….. everything ,  was extraordinary .

While reading I had many thoughts but the main one was : How Could an author imagine , create , describe , write , invent …… such an unimaginable world ???

I mean just reading about the details of Hogwarts made me slack-jawed , imagine writing all this ??? , she is a Genius .

All that , and still I haven’t talked about her gripping words and story-telling talent . I’m hugely inspired by her .

I’ve finished this book and what a GREAT read, I really loved the characters “still Harry is my favorite” but,

Ron’s character was different from the movies in my opinion, really liked him,

the plot was AMAZING and unexpected too,

all in all, the book is worth reading for everyone” all ages.” and I REGRET not reading it before . 😦

And That’s it !

Until next time .

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤

P.S : This is not a review , I can’t even dare  reviewing this book , It’s above reviewers and critics but just my need to talk about this masterpiece . 

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