Hercai Episode 8 Review ( War Of the Hearts )

“Sen ol da ister yar ol, ister yara; lütfun da başım üstüne, kahrın da…”  Şems-i Tebrizi 

“Just Be You , whether you are a lover , or a wound , your grace  is on my head as well  your damn …. “

Tv-Show: Hercai.

Genre : Turkish Drama , Romance.

Episode : 8

Rate : 8/10.

Review in one word : Maddening .


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Hey all ,

MV5BMTI3YWM2YTYtZGMzZi00MzU1LWFlMGUtYzdiMjFjOTBjZTY4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,999_AL_Another episode of Hercai and My review of it ;), episode 8 for me was really annoying , Like everything I wanted to happen , happend but not exactly as I hoped , for example , I was eagerly waiting for Miran to confess his regret and agony to Reyyan , and in this episode we have that scene but unfortunately , It’s a damn dream !!! . I also , wanted Reyyan to go away from the mansion and refuse to Marry Azat , It happened but not because Reyyan WANTED to leave , no Her parents wanted that , I wonder when We are going to see a strong Reyyan who takes her OWN decisions !!! Also, It was supposed to be the wedding day of Reyyan and Azat , and What did Miran do , NOTHING !! he waited until Gul told him about Reyyan leaving , this is absolutely Unlike Miran’s possessive personality , doesn’t make sense at all !!! And When Miran  is going to know about Gonul? or When Reyyan is finally going to confront him about his marriage ?? I don’t know what are they waiting for !!!

I know I’m complaining about a lot of things , But I love Hercai , I don’t want them to mess up the story , just to increase the number of episodes , I WISH THEY STICK TO THE ORIGINAL NOVEL , it is outstanding !!

Anyway , I gave it 9/10 even though I have many complains , Because the actors were amazing , Akin Akinozu did an awesome job , his acting is really Oscar- worthy . Also , the directing was perfect as always , so I can’t give them less than 8 !! .

Favorite Scene : MV5BMTIzNzQwOGQtNjA3Ny00ZmM1LThkNDItNDAxY2I0MjliZWFlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_My favorite scene for the Reymir in this episode is the flashback scene In that Scene , we watch how much Reyyan was Innocent and Naive and to what extent Miran reached just to make her believe he is in love with her , I seriously hated Miran’s character so much  in that scene , he deceived her and broke her heart in addition to destroying her life , he could have married her without convincing her that he is in love with her . On the other hand , we could watch Reyyan sincere love and complete trust . The kiss was really adorable ❤ .

Favorite Side Character :MV5BYjZjNDIzMTktYzZiMC00MWY2LWE5ZWYtYjFlYjFlY2Y1Y2EyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_ Even though I don’t like Hazar character in the show much , but Serhat Tutumluer acting is perfect , especially in the scene where he confronted Miran and confessed that he didn’t kill his parents .


Favorite Dialogue  : 

Firat : “Let’s get something to drink , so you can come to your senses ” 

Miran : ” I’m not a person who drinks and forgets , that’s for week people , Brother ” 😛 

The Ending :MV5BNjY2Y2RlNDctYzMzYS00MmMzLWJmMWItNGVjMGQyMzc5YTc4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_  I didn’t like the ending AT ALL , the audacity of Miran is completely frustrating , he hasn’t Apologised to Reyyan yet , nor confessed his regret or asked for her forgiveness . And Now he is ” HER HUSBAND ” , come on man !! you have just told her ” you mean nothing to me ” and you still want her to accept you , IS the senariest serious with this ending !!!!

I already know Miran is Hazar’s son from the novel , but I can’t predict anything about  Azize’s plan.

Watch the episode with english subtitles here /////// in turkish here


Until Next Episode .

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤

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