Hercai Episode 7 Review ( Shattered Trust )

“sen uzattığın elini tutmayan ele mi dargınsın, yoksa tutmayacak bir ele uzattığın için kendine mi kızgınsın?” -Mevlana 

” Are you upset with someone for not holding your outstretched hand ; or are you mad at yourself for outstretching your hand to someone who wouldn’t hold it ? ” 

Tv-Show: Hercai.

Genre : Turkish Drama , Romance.

Episode : 7

Rate : 8.5/10.

Review in one word : Painful.


What is Hercai ?! Find the answer , here .

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MV5BMzE3ZWZkNTgtMzc1Ni00NmI1LTk3ODUtMTcwZDNhOTNiZmZlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_Ahhh , Episode 7 , the most heartbreaking episode of the first season of Hercai after Episode 3 . But Unlike , the third episode which is my favorite one , I actually didn’t like this episode that much . As Always , the directing , dialogues and acting were really good.In this Episode Akin Akinozu Did A perfect Job , his acting in my opinion is Oscar worthy .

MV5BYzhmZThjZTktNjY3NS00ODJiLTg1NzktODQxYTc5YmI0MjI5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_Favorite Scene : Even though this scene was so painful to watch , but when Azat declared His and Reyyan Marriage , especially when Miran heard them . What I really liked in this scene , Akin’s Acting , he did a great work  representing Miran’s feelings , Jealousy , regret , Anger , Fear , trust , Happiness and Love . How he changed his facial expressions according to the emotions , was outstanding . About the scene , in my opinion , what Azat did was so selfish , he used Reyyan’s need to be near her family , Her shock about Miran’s Marriage and her broken heart . Reyyan only accepted him  , because she was betrayed and humiliated in the worst possible way , she needed to be near her sister and father , she MV5BNzAyYWNjMmUtYWFiYy00NWIzLWEwZDgtODQ4ODUzNzBmNDNmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_needed her mother’s love . Azat could have protected her without marriage .MV5BZmExMzdjYTMtYTM2OS00M2NmLTgyZDUtZWE2YTFmODRhNGExXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_





435x287-hercainin-firati-kendini-anlatiyor-1552320536797Favorite Side Character : In this Episode I really liked Cahit Gök (Firat )acting . How he represented the friendship between Firat and miran , His fear and loyalty toward him are really impressing , hope they won’t change his character in the next episodes .


MV5BYmYxZWQxOGEtZmRjYS00ZDc2LWFmZWUtOTZhNWQxYzFkMGViXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_Favorite Soundtrack : Gide Gide Bir Söğüde Dayandım by Ebru Şahin This song is one of the most painful and suitable songs for Our story . They did a great job choosing it and recording it in Ebru Şahin  angelic voice . I will leave you the translation of the lyrics so you would be able to understand why this is the perfect song for Reymir story .

MV5BZGVmZGM2M2ItOTVkZS00OWY0LWExNzQtMjVlMjEzMzI2ZDY0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_SY1000_SX1000_AL_**Gide Gide Bir Söğüde Dayandım **                                                                                             **As I was walking I leant on a weeping willow tree**

As I was walking I leant on a weeping willow tree,

I was painted in the red colors of this weeping willow,

Come and see me colored

I trusted my lover as a mountain

I trusted,

Those mountains that I trusted now is in my hands

I wish for my own death

I wish for my own death,

I will sacrifice myself for the breath in your mouth

 O almighty mountains have I ever hurt you,

Hurt you

I lost track of my lover come and help me find it peacefully,

Come and help me find it peacefully

I will ask about my lover from everyone who comes across my road,

Those mountains that I trusted now is in my hand

I wish for my own death….

Favorite Dialogue : 

  1. Miran : ” I saw it , I saw …. Even when she wanted my death , I saw her eyes …….. Even When Her heart was full of vengeance , I saw her burning soul …                          Even When she was full of grudge , I saw her heart ….. I saw …. Reyyan wouldn’t leave , wouldn’t leave  “
  2. Reyyan : ” I don’t want to go anywhere , My home ,My nest is here ….. I left the mansion once on my own will , After that I was dragged wherever others wanted , once I said ( those walls are my prison ) , but then they turned all of Midyat a dungeon for me , I said I’ll turn into a bird , fly and find my home …. They left me without a home , the hunted me down and broke my wings before I got the chance to Fly .”

80199360a8abf745e_wThe Ending : It was really painful , but strong and well-deserved , Miran did something unforgivable to Reyyan , She wouldn’t forgive him easily . Her Words , facial expressions , and gestures were perfect for this scene , Miran’s pain , screams and regret were so heartbreaking .  MV5BNWE0YzIzMGEtY2VlZi00N2Q5LThlNTAtOTIxMmZkZDg0YTA4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDg4MjkzNDk@._V1_



You can watch the episode  in turkish /// With english subtitles .

Until next episode ,

Stay strong and change the world .

Lana ❤

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